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Move over GarageBand… Microsoft’s Songsmith is here!

I crap you not, this thing appears to be a real product… (warning, this video also appears to be “songtastic”).

“Microsoft, huh? So it’s pretty easy to use?” (1:55)

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the tip!

53 Responses to “Move over GarageBand… Microsoft’s Songsmith is here!”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Oh dear God.

  2. roy says:

    some one should make a mp3 of this and that note books ethier a powerbook , macbook pro or apple has lawsuits to file

  3. Andrew says:

    I just love the fact that she’s using a MacBook Pro….

  4. bc says:

    you MUST hold back the gag reflex and make it through to at least the 1:55 mark, for maximum effect.

    Be brave, it will be worth it. But you’re on your own if you dare watch the full 4 minutes (I couldn’t do it!)

  5. Isegrim says:

    I might be wrong but that is a MacBook Pro right? Maybe it is just a M$ “Skin” for GarageBand?! 😉

  6. andrew says:

    for sure, that is a macbook pro core2duo they are using.
    ‘what kind of a dad uses their kid’s sticker’d computer outside of the house?’
    ‘what kind of fools sing into their computer out in public (eg, star bucks, hotel lobby)’

    i can’t believe you can actually buy this via Microsoft, i lasted the full length of this clip and then spent twice as long on their website (most i have ever in my life) and verified it is real and for say for $29.95

  7. Jason Isaac says:

    That’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen or heard. I feel bad for those actors, there’s definitely going to be some random ass beatings coming their way for making that.

  8. GreenStar says:

    I wouldn’t say that was as much songtastic as it was craptacular

  9. Matthew says:

    That was actually disgusting, couldn’t make it the whole way through. Who would buy that product based on THAT add?!

  10. Tim says:

    This is all a joke. Right? Tell me it’s not real!

  11. Tim says:

    This is a joke. Right? Tell me this is not for real!

  12. Grant says:


  13. LOL says:

    WTH ? Is this possible ?

  14. TJM141 says:

    Steve Ballmer should be very worried about his job.

  15. jdg says:

    Wow. I know its a real product and all, but, wow. R and D at Microsoft must be comprised of preschoolers.

  16. dj_aris says:

    WTF !?!?! These people have surely some kind of brain damage…

  17. missyj says:

    I think I spit up a little in the back of my throat.
    Is this an internal ad, like a product product demo pitch for upper exec.? I hope they were drawn and quartered.

    I stopped at 1:28… couldn’t stand the Disney Mickey Mouseketeer solo any longer.

  18. dizzy says:

    I made it to 1:00, going to go bang my head into a wall for the next half hour and see if I can make myself forget watching this.

  19. bc says:

    you guys that stopped before the 2:00 mark are missing the best part. Seriously.

  20. iShervin says:

    LOL 😀 so the the best thing is research department in MICROSHIT uses MACBOOK PRO 😀
    go on songsmith 😛

  21. Andrew R R says:


    My ears are bleeding! Make her take lessons, that banshee!

  22. Peter Eszes says:

    I like the MBP what they use to present a new microsoft product…

  23. Jack says:

    OMG ……. That was Soooooooooooo Painful to watch and listen to. You’ve ruined my day .
    That little girls voice sounds on par with finger nails being dragged across a black board ! If that wasn’t enough , they threw in a gay terrorist that I’m sure writes music for the skin flute . Finally the ” Death Blow ” The X prom queen that’s blown up like a cow and aged badly as they all do . Her face now becoming Oink, Oink .

    This call for Thorazine Shuffle !

  24. Jube says:

    M$ needs to put a disclaimer that although it will make songs out whatever you sing into it… IT WILL NOT improve your singing. Having watched IDOL proves that too many people think they can sing. No doubt, this piece of $oftware will feed into the frenzy of crazed IDOL contestants.

  25. Wzrd says:

    Can MS do even *one* thing that’s not derivative?

  26. Pete says:

    I want to see Ozzy Osbourne use this. I wonder what kind of music it makes. Or how about rap?

  27. Dan says:

    If you look up “gay” in Wikipedia it has a link to this commercial.

  28. Dave-O says:

    To be fair to MS R&D, it’s some impressive work they’ve done. It’s the marketing department that should take the honorable out and commit sepuku.

    Then again, this makes me rethink the work coming out of MS R&D.

  29. bc says:

    @Pete – how about David Lee Roth?


  30. David says:

    There was a 4 year old on America’s Got Talent who sang better than anyone in this video.

    I think Songsmith was inspired by Chef Gusteau who claimed “anyone can cook”. Unfortunately Microsoft defines cooking as the completely random application of heat to edible plant and animal matter.

  31. bc says:

    oh, and in case you can’t get enough (and your ears are made of tin), here are some more examples:

    …though I dare say the 4th one could use more cowbell

  32. ifireun says:

    IMO Garage Band is for people with imagination and creativity, Songsmith is ideal for use by the lowest end of the music pretense spectrum – American Idol audition rejects…

    Besides, without settings for Speed, Thrash or Viking Metal, it won’t fly off the download or store shelf ROTFL

  33. Lee says:

    I think I just got diabetes !

  34. dammitjanet says:

    Please can some prescribe me some Xanax, I desperately need drugs…

  35. Hermann says:

    O…M….G….. It only can be worse if they have Mr Gates & Mr. Seinfield singing too

  36. fractured says:

    Definitely a MBP! OMG, this is funny!

  37. Bob says:

    I think I’d prefer glow in the dark towels to Songsmith.

    And yes, I noted the 15″ MBP (see MagSafe connector and battery connectors on bottom) with poorly “green screened” Windows pasted in where the display should be. It makes me weep.

    I wonder if there’s a saccharine-free version? (sigh)

  38. Matt says:

    This is for real. Go to and see for yourself.

  39. Kyle B says:

    I threw up around 1:57, then dry heaved for a half an hour before I could post this.

  40. Kutt-Out says:

    Excuse my french BUT

    Holy shit – I actually burst out laughing once I read that this is actually a real product. Dear lord – they try and be original and it just creates piles of crap.

  41. dlowe402 says:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole thing! The two guys are the biggest douche bags I have ever seen, the girl better go to private school because all the other kids are gonna tear her up and the mom…wow, the epitome of FAIL!

    Hey Doc, how about giving away some of those MBP accent sticker setso r are you hording them for yourself?

  42. Michael says:

    Oh sweet sweet mother that is more rancid than a 3 day old gallon of milk left in the Arizona summer sun. I am so glad I am not the only one that noticed the laptop was eerily similiar to a Mac of some sort. And to stretch it, the other laptop was also silver. There is definitely a Mac fetish at MS. How much do you want to bet they have buckets of apples in the breakrooms at MS and you can go in and club apples to relieve the stress of Apple’s products and advertising showing up the corporation. It might be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  43. steve says:

    I’m going to sue Microshit for this video. I didn’t just bleed out of my ears but I had actual arterial spray coming out of them. I had to cauterize my ear canals with a read hot poker but that was better than listening to the braying on this video. Has Microshit have no class, no imagination? What jerkoff horked this thing out and thought “Gee, we can sell this!” I beg you, as fellow Mac people, if you EVER see me with this product, please kill me. You have my permission to cut my head off and carry it around in a bowling bag.

  44. badburro says:

    Ok that was pretty horrendous (and funny). It was like watching a train wreck…you don’t want to, but you can’t help it. But the troubling thing is, now I have the f-ing tune in my head!!! I’ll be singing the damn thing in the shower next…

    I hate you Macenstein for making me watch this.

  45. jonro says:

    At first I thought that video was from 1999, or maybe 1989. I think it’s a pretty good product for 8 year olds who want to make music.

    It was like watching a train wreck.

  46. Jack says:

    goosebumps.. I can’t believe i finish watching it. What an eyesore.. Stop posting something so offensive!!!

  47. And their companion product … Dancetastic. Just move your two left feet any old way and it fills in the music to match.

  48. And their companion product … Dancetastic. Just move your feet any old way and it fills in the music to match.

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