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  1. edoreld says:

    I think Topple would be a great addition to that least

    The game is about piling up blocks until you reach a certain point in the sky (A little more and you’ll get bonus points)

    It gets more challenging as you complete levels (duh -.-), and the last ones really require you to have great balance (Also tilting the iPhone/iPod Touch will affect the blocks)

    Best part is, the blocks actually have very funny faces!

    I wish your children fun 🙂

  2. Yeah, I probably should have also listed every game we’ve bought that they seem to not care about. Topple is one I thought they’d love as well, but they didn’t for some reason. However, kids with games are kind of funny, and every week they seem to play a game they’ve ignored for the last couple months. Just today my sun was playing Collapse Chaos, a game he played for 3 day intially, but then didn’t touch for 3 months.
    -The Doc

  3. Justin says:

    Wow, big list. Must have taken you a while to put this together. Going send this link to my buddy with a 4 year old daughter. She’s a little techy and loves to play with her parents iPhones, she even has her own iPod already (not touch).

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