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If they really had balls, they would have taken this before running it

I consider myself a fan of QuickTime VR, despite the fact the technology is largely relegated to sprucing up boring real estate sites and amateur “canyon vacation” VR’s. In fact I am one of the few people who seems to care if QTVR shows up on the iPhone/touch. I came across this fairly kick-ass QTVR shot of the inside of a dishwasher I just thought I’d share. It’s very well done, and I have no idea how they lit this, but of course like all QTVR,... Read More

Bitch and you shall receive – Apple fixes “Adobe-killing” QuickTime bug

Apple today released QuickTime 7.4.1, an update which “addresses security issues and improves compatibility with third-party applications. This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.” I have done a test to see if this “improved compatibility with third-party applications” fixes the Adobe After Effects crashes I’ve been bitching talking about, and I am happy to say the answer seems to be “yes”. Where After Effects had been... Read More

Why QuickTime 7.4 sucks: Reason 23 – It ate my codecs

For those of you wondering what the first 22 reasons QuickTime 7.4 sucks are, they are the 22 days Apple has not issued a fix for the “bug” QuickTime 7.4 introduced which has caused Adobe After Effects and Premiere to crash on export (Click here to read a thread on Apple’s support site on the topic with over 19,000 views). But I will now add another reason why QT 7.4 sucks to the pile – it ate my codecs. Without warning, upgrading to QuickTime 7.4 from... Read More

Apple choosing iTunes Movie Rentals over its Professional customers

Is QuickTime 7.4 the worst QuickTime update Apple has ever released? That’s a tough question. It certainly has produced the most problems for me personally. I have mentioned before that I am an Adobe After Effects user. It’s how I feed my family, and pay for my house. Having a working copy of After Effects is a close third behind food and water on my short list of things I need to survive. Unfortunately for me, and many other professional users, Apple’s newly... Read More

No QTVR on iPhone or iPod touch? WTF?!

The fact that the iPhone has been out nearly 6 months now and I have not seen anyone bitch about this yet likely means I am wasting my breath, but who cares? It wouldn’t be the first time. Why is there no QuickTime VR support on the iPhone/iPod touch? I just happened to be trolling Apple’s site this evening on my iPhone, and thought, “Hey, it must be kind of cool to pan around a QTVR using the iPhone’s touchscreen! Lets check it out!”. (Yes, I am... Read More


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