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Apple flooding the App store with more useless Apps

To date, Apple’s iPhone apps have been fairly solid efforts, although the same cannot be said for the majority of 3rd party iPhone apps out there. However, it looks like Apple has decided to jump on the “bloatware” bandwagon. Check out this invite for the WWDC.

Not only is Apple apparently using a jalbroken iPhone to hide the app names, but it looks like they plan on releasing no fewer than THREE new applications for the letters “E” and “R”. I’ll admit I’m anxious to test them out, but three just seems like money grubbing. Why aren’t they taking their own advice, and allowing users to purchase additional E’s from within the E app itself (assuming they like it)? Given that iPhone screen real estate is at a premium, this just seems like poor design. Boo Apple! Boo!

Hey, those apps don’t have labels! Apple must have WinterBoard installed on page 3!

4 Responses to “Apple flooding the App store with more useless Apps”
  1. edoreld says:

    Rofl with a sugar on top

  2. Why does that have to be a real screencapture? Couldn’t they have just photoshopped it?

  3. jack says:



  4. ncus says:

    @Jonathan: The image is from Apple newsletter of WWDC. It’s a joke 🙂

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