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Cute and cuddly Steve Jobs doll – Just like the real thing!

All of you guys who collect creepy looking dolls and stuffed toys that come to life at night and murder people take note! There’s a new “Chucky” in town – none other than Steve Jobs! That’s right, Podbricks (makers of Apple themed Legos) has taken a softer turn and released a run of 500 Steve Jobs plush dolls.

Warning: this doll WILL kill you while you sleep.

Speaking of sleep, this is exactly how I picture Steve Jobs sleeping – eyes open and motionless. I’m not sure why they went with Jobs instead of Woz, as the Dancing With the Stars star is certainly the more snuggly of the two Steves, but maybe they didn’t want to commit to ordering that much felt before seeing how these sold.

[via Uneasy Silence]

16 Responses to “Cute and cuddly Steve Jobs doll – Just like the real thing!”
  1. Scratic says:

    I expect you’ll mail this to me first thing in the morning.

  2. Frank says:

    That last one is probably a pretty accurate depiction of what ole Stevey, the invalid, is doing with most of his time these days.

  3. jobs lovin says:

    this is wrong…. so wrong….
    if someone has gone this far to show their love for the ol’ and ailing mighty Steve Jobs, then they should make an inflatable sex doll instead of this one….

  4. Benjamin says:

    Link wrong h in http missing

  5. That thing is just plain creepy

  6. Ol gravy leg says:

    Yeah and this weighs more.

  7. Clony3k says:

    I’m buying one 😀

    Not to have in bed if someone needs to know, but would cool on the shelve whit my MacintoshPlus 🙂

  8. Rychiar says:

    whoa steve lost even more hair!

  9. Mattsxb says:

    Looks like an awesome collector item…

    I bought one…

  10. imajoebob says:

    They’re going to sell a bunch of these in Redmond.

    And what’s the deal with all the creepy Jobs gallows “humor.” Let me guess: next on your lists is people with ALS (Lou Gherig disease).

  11. Rachel says:

    If one is going to produce Steve Job Dolls,produce dolls which resemble Jobs as a 20 something.Then I’ll take it to bed with me.Maybe.

  12. Ame says:

    The doll needs a course in anger management.JMHO but please make the face look happier if not more approachable.No one can take a doll to bed which brings back the Chucky series of movies in their mind.Jobs was very attractive at one time,let’s bring back the days when he was the babe of the geeks.I’d order atleast eight – octuplets of the dolls for my friends and I to make sweet dreams with.With HAIR please!

  13. Stockholm says:

    I’d be dying to get one with Woz instead if your average cuddlyssimo teddy bear wasn’t so a good at a faithfull “Dancing-Woz-impression” !

    @ Rachel & Ame : totally agree with you, a younger Jobs…. As some might say, if he was in my bed, I wouldn’t go sleep on the sofa…

  14. Erik says:

    This is funny as hell… I noticed when I got this thing… Plush Steve Jobs has a bulge in the front of his pants. And guess what?? They more or less made that thing “anatomically correct!” Bizarre, puzzling, hilarious! A small pillow is stitched to the crotch area to create a bulge in his pants.

    Goofy people over there at Podbrix!

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