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The Creeps! updated – win a free code

The Creeps!
Above: One of The Creeps! new under water levels.

The Creeps!, a kick-ass Tower Defense game (and one of the few iPhone games that has stayed on my iPhone after 6 months) has just been updated, and to celebrate, Super Squawk Software was nice enough to give us a free game code to give away. Yes, it’s only a 99¢ game, and yes, Super Squawk is using this as a cheap way to get a $300 ad on Macenstein for 99¢, but hey, the game really DOES rock, the update is a substantial one, and there is pretty much nothing newsworthy going on right now. It is kind of a perfect storm for The Creeps!

The Creeps!
Above: Ahhh, the low battery warning. Always a sign that you like a game.

Anyway, as I mentioned, this is no mere bug fix update – Super Squawk has added a total of 8 new maps, 5 new Creeps, and a cool new Paper Shuriken weapon to help you defend your sleeping child from the things which go bump in the night.

The Creeps!

To Enter: Simply leave us a comment telling who you think the creepiest celebrity is (and no, you can’t say me). The Free code will only work in the US iTunes store, so you need a US iTunes account to claim the prize. You have until Saturday the 16th at midnight EST (the witching hour) to enter. Winner will be selected randomly. Thanks, and good luck!

40 Responses to “The Creeps! updated – win a free code”
  1. darrell says:

    that’s easy… Michael Jackson.

    not just because of the pederasty – but also because we used to dance and jam to him before his solo transformation and with jackson five…. and that music is still so damn good!

  2. Isaac says:

    Britney Spears

  3. Patrick says:

    the jonas brothers. nuff said

  4. David says:

    Second on Michael Jackson

  5. dave says:

    Ashton Kutcher
    (and yes, I can use the code)

  6. David E. says:

    Amy Winehouse. That is assuming one can still call her a celebrity…. Buh….

  7. Angel E. V. says:

    Jocelyn Wildenstein the “cat woman”

  8. Nick says:

    tomorrow is saturday the 16th?

    Amy Winehouse is a good pick.

  9. brian says:

    oj simpson is my choice

  10. Like a lot of people Michael Jackson and sa a bonus: Amy Whinehouse …

  11. edoreld says:

    Tom Cruise

  12. Chris says:

    Michael Jackson by far. It gives me the creeps just thinking about him.

  13. nexfraxinus says:


  14. Chris Leither says:

    Paris Hilton

  15. Darrin D says:

    Vincent Price. Coolest and creepiest.

  16. Hanan says:

    Tom Cruise… And I’m sorry I’m not the first to write that.

  17. Kevin T says:

    Without a doubt, Michael Jackson…

  18. SirFoxey says:

    Dr. Macenstein

  19. Jeremy says:

    Oprah. Yes, Oprah. Just think about it.

  20. Eric says:

    Nancy Grace on CNN. Seriously … she scares me.

  21. Ben Bowden says:

    Dane Cook, i feel as if he could start shooting at any moment. plus, his movies are so terrible they actually give me diarrhea, which is creepy.

  22. Ken says:

    Janet Jackson ………… or is that Michael Jackson???

  23. mickbo says:

    Hannah Montana, she’s also Miley Cirus. Creepy

  24. Jonro says:

    I’ve gotta go with Michael Jackson.

  25. Carrie says:

    Nicolas Cage. He makes horrible movies, and with his slicked-back hair, he reminds me of the creepy man who lived alone on my block when I was growing up. We never went trick-or-treating at his house.

  26. Chris says:

    eh, Joan Rivers. FTW.

  27. Mike says:

    creepiest celebrity by far is…. larry king… he’s like 210 years old and still has a tv show…

  28. Uncle Miltie says:

    Michael Jackson, without a doubt.

  29. Teegan says:

    Heath Ledger

  30. [In:TkZ] says:

    Michael Jackson!

  31. FRANK says:

    Kim Kardashian

  32. Brian says:


  33. Brandon says:

    jack nicholson, he just reminds me of a creepy, perverted grandfather sometimes for some reason

  34. Gabe says:

    Easy… Elisabeth Hasselbeck!!!

  35. kuzya says:

    Ashton Kutcher
    (I can use the code)

  36. WFT says:

    If bill gates counts, then him. If not I’d have to go with MJ too

  37. suicidoll says:

    Cartman! creepy how he curses all the time lol =)

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