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Well, at least we still don’t know exactly what the BACK looks like…

If only there were residents of Cupertino California willing to work for $10 a month, maybe then Apple would be able to plug some of these overseas leaks. Behold China Ontrade, a supplier of replacement parts for pretty much any device you can think of, including Apple’s as-of-yet unreleased 3rd Generation iPhone.

Currently they are selling two iPhone parts, the front bezel as well as the LCD screen, which I guess means OLED is right out. I’m not sure what an OLED screen is and I don’t feel like looking it up – I’ll just assume it can extend battery life or save the environment or some other lame thing – but I assume since it has an extra letter in front of it over an LED screen, it must be worlds better than a regular LED screen. In fact, Microsoft recently announced their upcoming Zune HD would have an OLED screen, and if it’s good enough to Microsoft, then… um… never mind. I think themiPhone’s LCD will do just fine.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Your Mom for the tip!

[via Gizmodo]

4 Responses to “Well, at least we still don’t know exactly what the BACK looks like…”
  1. brian says:

    Actually an OLED screen on the iPhone would be awesome but would raise the price. i don’t think it’s cheap enough to use OLED screens yet for iphone, but I could be wrong.

  2. Matt says:

    Doc, you are aware it is an LCD screen and not an LED screen right? Although, you may be using LED in this post on purpose. In that case, it would mean your subtle humor has flown right over my head.

  3. Dave-O says:

    The O is for Organic and it is awesome. Each element emits light directly (no backlight). Thinner, brighter, better color gamut, faster response times, better viewing angles, and lower power. The problem is lifespan and cost. The new space suits NASA is designing for the Constellation missions will include one on the wrist (à la Orion in “Chuck”). If the next iPhone has an OLED (some rumors say yes), AT&T would have to do something incredibly stupid (like uping the data plan another $10/month) to keep me from getting one.

  4. It’s funny that the description of the display says 4G on the first line :p
    Also, doesn’t it look more like a square or is it another badly html’ed image?

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