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Snow Leopard to hit next Friday (August 28th) – support training has begun

According to reliable West Coast sources, support training for Snow Leopard has begun, signaling an imminent release of the next major release of OS X. Sources claim a date of Friday, August 28th is extremely likely. Below are screenshots from the current Apple Support Snow Leopard training course for those of you are who are so into Apple minutia that you’d care about such things (guilty!).

16 Responses to “Snow Leopard to hit next Friday (August 28th) – support training has begun”
  1. SB says:

    already have it installed

  2. Matt says:

    I’m running build 10A432. I haven’t had any problems with it at all. It seems very snappy as well. I am very pleased with Snow Leopard so far.

  3. takamalak says:

    I have the GM running but, unfortunately, I’ve had a few problems. CyberDuck will not work, unless you install a nightly alpha version. Not a big deal. My VPN software, SecureClient for the CheckPoint FW, does not work. And CS4 has been crashing when doing basic stuff like Save For Web in Photoshop, and doing url auto-fills in Dreamweaver. Logitech Mouse software does not function either. Oh well, still worth it.

  4. C says:

    Can’t wait. Great upgrade price, hopefully a seamless process through the upgrade. Both my MacBook Pro’s and my MacBook are ready and waiting!!

  5. Wm says:

    Make no mistake, it’s a major upgrade. Maybe not too many user interface differences, but lots of behind the scenes changes.

    There are going to be issues with 3rd party software (everything not from Apple). Last time it was all pretty much solved by the end of the first 30 days.

    Don’t upgrade just be cause you can. You’re mac works fine now, it’ll still work fine the way it is for months, or even years to come. If you don’t have a clear idea what you’ll gain buy upgrading, then save yourself the hassle until you have a need to. It’s always smoother if you wait.

  6. Eddy says:

    My colleague in Hong Kong have received invitation to a special event on next Tuesday. A few minutes ago, we just have source confirmed Snow Leopard may be revealed at the event.

  7. gurn says:

    QuickTime 10 takes a major step backward in functionality… no more pro version and other than a nice interface, it dumbs down the usability to iTunes level. it allows you to trim video clips and save them in their original format, but no option for saving to a different format other than for iPhone. can no longer view .mkv files, crop out the letterboxing, add an audio track or edit the aspect ratio. it reminds me of what apple did with iMovie a few years back.

    i have to say, snow leopard runs very snappy.

  8. Sachin says:

    I can’t wait as I need an upgrade soon…

  9. Ed Waldrup says:

    Installed build 10A43. Very fast scrolling in Safari. Surprisingly new Final Cut Studio does not show up as a 64 bit intel build in About this Mac/Software/Applications nor in Activity Monitor under kind. This is also true for new Logic Studio. Other surprise is need to boot with 6 and 4 keys down on qualifying Macs to boot into 64 bit. Most interesting. The future is bright with Adobe’s CS5 expected next Spring and Office next fall.

  10. Gee says:

    It’s funny that everyone is posting the date of Snow Leopard except Apple themselves. I bet the official announcement will be September 9.

  11. Anonymoose says:

    Gee will be correct.

  12. ghostshadow says:

    I can’t wait. It’s coming sooner than I thought it would.

  13. Guess it’s time I seek out an external drive for Macbook Air – both me and my wife use Macbook Air. Probably worth the effort though. =)

  14. dsw1958 says:

    It’s official – August 28th. Go to and see for yourself.

  15. matdevdug says:

    I work for Apple authorized service provider and I am pissed that Apple did this. They told NOBODY that it was coming out this Friday, they only released the SKU to us today. Which leaves us three days to train our entire 50+ person staff on Snow Leopard. What works? What doesn’t? Who knows? I guess we’ll figure it out when it gets released. Compare the Leopard and Snow Leopard launches is black and white. The Apple store staff in Chicago isn’t ready for the launch, we’re not ready for the launch, we got the GM copy well after bittorrent got it.

    A two hour lab isn’t enough time to train someone for a new OS. Especially one with Exchange support and a new server OS in the pipeline.

  16. Nicholas says:

    They still dont have it in stock at the DG in Shatin. Although, when i went there in person and ask, they were hesitant to tell me if they have it in stock. I have the feeling that they do have it in stock, but they are saving it for their friends. I ended up buying it online.

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