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OK, I admit I’m a hypocrite

I’ve bashed the morons who video themselves destroying iPhone before, but I must admit, I find this video of a Palm Pre being drowned like a witch to be very entertaining.

The story goes:

“This was a coworker’s third Pre in three months as the screen kept cracking. Once while charging and once in his front pocket. The bossman offered to get him an iphone if he killed his Pre. So, there ya go.”

Well, at least it didn’t die in vain. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader ishervin for the tip!

6 Responses to “OK, I admit I’m a hypocrite”
  1. Laks says:

    Filmed with an iPhone. Love.

  2. Funny stuff.
    But if your going to purposely destroy a prime device there are better ways to do it!

    I would devise a maddening contraption which would be like a domino effect lighting a fuse which simple blows the bastard up. C’mon!

  3. Jonro says:

    I wonder how long an iPhone would last in a glass of beer? I’m not going to find out.

  4. Zorin says:

    How badly do you have to mistreat your phone to crack THREE of them?

    I’m still on my first Pre and I haven’t exactly babied it; not even a scratch.

    My gods, people just don’t know how to care for their stuff.

  5. ghostshadow says:

    That was hilarious. @jonro, you must have missed this post I guess. https://macenstein.com/2009/10/the-iphone-can-handle-its-liquor/

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