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iSlate to run 10.7 “Clouded Leopard” OS? OF COURSE! It all makes sense now!!

OK, as with all unconfirmed (and likely 99% 110% fake) iSlate rumors, take this with a grain of whatever condiment you’d like, but faithful Macenstein reader imalk noticed this picture show up on Gizmodo for all of 20 seconds before being pulled.

Apple iSlate

Now, we assume Giz pulled it because they feel it is so fake it isn’t even worth trying to get hits off of, but we’re not so proud. And quite frankly, while I do not personally believe it to be a legit leak, I would not be surprised if most specs of the iSlate end up being not all that far off (although I would have said Flash memory vs. an actual hard drive… and no Ethernet… and no way the internal memory goes to 8 GB… and no projector (WTF? A Projector?!?)). Well, as wacky as this spec sheet is, it really only loses total credibility for me towards the end, where it mentions the iSlate will be running “Mac OS X 10.7 Clouded Leopard”.

Now, while a clouded leopard is in fact an actual, real-life honest to goodness type of cat, and it would be pretty impressive if Apple had always planned to use the clouded leopard as the “cloud computing” evolution of Mac OS, it just seems a bit crazy at this point for Apple to be making the jump to cloud computing. I’m not even skeptical from a “10.6 only came out a few months ago” standpoint (after all, Snow Leopard didn’t exactly bring a ton of new features or anything) but cloud computing still seems like the type of thing people like to pretend will be great more than something that will in fact BE great.

But hey, it’s an extremely slow news month, so here you go.

9 Responses to “iSlate to run 10.7 “Clouded Leopard” OS? OF COURSE! It all makes sense now!!”
  1. Rowlings says:

    A Projector? How the hell did that get on Gizmodo for even 20 seconds? I lik ehow it says ” Probably fake”.

  2. crsrc says:

    The idea of a “clouded leopard” OS for this thing is actually what makes me think it is quite possibly real. That is to say if it didn’t have the “v10.7” along with it. There have been countless tidbits pointing to apple getting into the cloud OS game and there is absolutely no question that the tablet will have its very own flavor of OSX so putting the two together makes perfect sense.

    Now if only it weren’t for the 10.7 and ridiculous other specs (not to mention generic apple letterhead) I would have gotten all excited.

  3. impaler says:

    Complete fake. The data center in NC would need to be in place and operational, before potentially millions of these things could be “run” from the Internet. Long way to go on this…

  4. Javier says:

    Clouded leop….yeah, and they forgot to mention the Islate also includes Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, too.

  5. Alex says:

    Neofelis nebulosa 😀

    (and let’s hope that whatever the OS is, it’s not iPhone OS.. I like the clouded leopard idea!)

  6. Rawry says:

    I’m surprised no one saw the SATA hard drive (non-solid state??) and called bullshit upon seeing that. How would a tablet fit a traditional hard drive in it? And why wouldn’t Apple just put SSD(s) in?

  7. Mikko Kaivosoja says:

    I first thought about the HD, but then again, that’s the same type of drive that’s in the iPod classic. A 120 GB 1.8-inch 4200 rpm SATA drive exists and is relatively small. On the other hand, I’m not sure it’s the right kind of drive to be seen in a tablet.

  8. Matthew Roderick says:

    Um a Clouded Leopard is a Snow Leopard. Different names for same cat. So I think very clever. If all is true. Can’t see a hard drive other than an SSD really being in a tablet though. Would think a 64GB or 128GB SSd drive sufficient but wouldn’t be surprised if there were different options up to 256GB. Would think 8GB RAM exceptional but great if true.

  9. Sammy says:

    I actualy was thinking that it would somehow could be posible to make a device like that.
    there are some “games” with webcams that you can simulate a 3dimensional caracter that stands on your desk, and if you see what TED is making.
    so I guess you could combine both…?

    This would actualy be a realy new kind of interface that would blow everyone’s mind if this works precisly and accurate. So why not to think apple can make such a device as well,
    especialy when they are working on it since such a long time, and now relay fond of the result…

    and when you go along thinking of it as a large ipod with just some new features i guess you could expect SSD or more RAM, but I think, if there is a new lightweight operating system and there would be some major updates in new kind of interface, why make it even more expensive with faster components like SSD or more RAM,
    A core 2 duo can handle much more then an iphone, and if you intend it running lighter programs then on a dekstop or laptop, that should do just fine?

    it might not exist at all, but I like to think this is something that can be made in the future…

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