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ATTENTION BARGAIN HUNTERS! Save $440 off this fart app! ACT NOW!

Despite being a “day one” iPhone owner, I somehow was able to resist buying any of the farting apps, even though in the beginning, that’s all there was. Well, OK, there was Super Monkey Ball, a couple virtual lighter apps, and then the fart apps. And while I like to pride myself on my fart-app resisting fortitude, I may crack under the pressure of this AMAZING bargain.

That’s right, Western Wind, an app previously being sold for $449 (well, previously being LISTED at $449, anyway) is now just $9.99, a price just about anyone can manage.

“Western Wind, once available to the masses, is now an exclusive, limited-edition game. We will be pulling the game from the app store after it sells 50 more copies. This is your chance to join a very exclusive club of Western Wind music aficionados. “

Of course, if you look at the Western Wind’s price history you’ll notice the app usually sold for 99ยข, and was even free at some point, but hey, I like to think of it as $440 in my pocket. I just can’t pass up a bargain!

2 Responses to “ATTENTION BARGAIN HUNTERS! Save $440 off this fart app! ACT NOW!”
  1. Chuck says:

    They must have hired an out-of-work mortgage broker to be their sales manager.

  2. Rob says:

    It would be even more interesting to see how many people bought at the different prices…especially the unbelievable low price of $449.99

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