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Hate your pet? Then you’ll LOVE Cat Piano

It seems to me as though the only reason people get cats is so they can screw with them on video. And if you’re an Apple geek looking for a way to mess with your cat’s head, it seems the tool of choice is “Cat Pianoicon“, for iPhone, iPod touch, and now, in glorious iPad HD. Check out some of these examples of people screwing with their cats using the app. Common themes found in these videos are people with cats seem to have futons and more than one cat. They also think it’s hysterical when their cats fight (note to Michael Vick… buy cat Piano).

Cat talks to iPhone

Personally I love this one only because of the sheer look of hope on the cat’s face as it begins to think his owner might finally have discovered a way to communicate with it, and then it realizes it’s just being messed with and starts licking itself.

Cat fight

Scrub to 2:40 if you can’t stand the suspense.

Leela vs. Cat Piano

Here the cat actually plays the cat piano, which would be a little like us playing a human piano, which is kind of weird.

How to tune your cat using an iPhone..

Escalating tensions

Two Cats, One iPhone

And finally, someone uses the app for what it was DESIGNED to do – namely, screw with dogs. I know people like to think of their animals as people and all, but letting your bulldog chew your iPhone is a little on the indulgent side if you ask me.

I’d also like to end by pointing out that Cat Piano is not only a great way to torment your pet, it’s also a great way to annoy your parents, as my children have discovered.

5 Responses to “Hate your pet? Then you’ll LOVE Cat Piano”
  1. shonline says:

    Dude – stop using all the flash stuff. I can’t see it on my iphone or ipad!

  2. pete says:

    wow, you mac folk are really really mean. is that what mac stands for? Mean A$$ Creeps? no wonder people think you’re all butthats…

  3. Dave-O says:

    That dude’s sister is going to kick his ass. Siccing his bigger cat on hers…

  4. Dave says:

    @shonline, that’d almost be funny…if the videos didn’t play just fine on the iPhone.

  5. Colin says:

    @Dave seriously! Hurray for dumb people.

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