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Prepare to be pulled over – Scosche unveils its iPad car mount

Oddly enough just yesterday morning I tried to put my iPad into a Magellan iPhone GPS cradle to see if I could use any core location-based navigation apps on the iPad, and the answer was unfortunately “No”. However, despite navigation apps apparently not being an option on the iPad, it looks like Scosche feels there will be enough demand from those people looking to Tweet and play Plants Vs Zombies while driving to create a car iPad mounting system called the iKit.

I don’t know… I actually had a near fatal fall just walking around my house while using the iPad this week, so this just sort of screams “trouble”. There’s no doubt this ranks a 10 on the Geek-o-meter in terms of sheer awesomeness, but on the other hand, I can’t really think of any reason to have an iPad right up front with me while driving. I suppose with the iPad 3G’s presumed ability to use cell towers to get a rough idea of location, it’s possible you might be able to use Google Maps on an iPad, but it won’t be nearly as accurate as the iPhone 3Gs. (I stand corrected, the iPad 3G actually DOES have a real GPS chip, and therefore this would be pretty sweet for navigation apps. Thanks guys!) Personally I think it makes more sense to come up with a back-seat mounting system for the kids, but that being said, I totally want one.

15 Responses to “Prepare to be pulled over – Scosche unveils its iPad car mount”
  1. Garanimal says:

    sorry, I got sidetracked by Miss Mac Chick on the top left… WOW!

  2. Killer's Dad says:

    Now if you could incorporate an iP* mount with Miss MacChick, I’ll take 2!

  3. Kyle says:

    The iPad includes a dedicated GPS chip, so it should be as accurate at the iPhone 3Gs. From Macworld:

    “The other feature the 3G-enabled iPad adds is an actual GPS chip—unlike the Wi-Fi iPad, which relies solely on Wi-Fi-based location. A quick test in the Maps app showed no difference in locating my current position in speed, though the 3G iPad did enable a more precise location. I’ll be investigating further.”

  4. darrell says:

    yeah – aGPS is on the 3G iPad.

    i’m waiting to see what’ll be in the new iPhone – if it’s not enough to warrant an upgrade from my 1st Gen, i’ll jailbreak to voice only and buy a 3G iPad 🙂

  5. bc says:

    the iPad keeps sliding off my Laptop Steering Wheel Desk when I turn, but it’s cheaper and more versatile than the Scorche mount.


  6. jirjen?! says:

    A car mount for the iPad?

    My Winnebago is waiting for it!

  7. Dave says:

    Nice, but what you really want is the ipad fitted into the dash properly 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    I agree – a backseat mount is something to add…looks great

  9. Dan says:

    It would be nice if you could get audio via the dock connector instead of the 3.5mm plug; iPods tend to have middling sound quality and I doubt the iPad is any different.

  10. Terry Henderson says:

    Remember, Folks; That Will Be Illegal In Some States In The U.S.

  11. Paul says:

    he said “female receptacle” huh huh huh

  12. BigJayhawk says:

    Dan – you missed the boat on your comments. The OUTPUT is from the iPad connector. It is then split into power (USB) and audio (3.5″).

  13. Jumal says:

    The problem with that setup is that you have to remove your car’s expensive stereo. If you don’t want to mess you your default audio system, you can check out other car mounting option below

    OR to be safe while on the road you can just use the iPad for backseat entertainment.

  14. I own 2 mobile grooming salons and am looking into getting the IPad 3Gs for business purposes. I don’t see any prices listed for the above in dash (replacement stereo video). How will we know if it will fit or not?

  15. I have seen alot of new mounts recently but I just got new headrest mounts for both my kids ipads @ You can use it in any vehicle and mounts to glass, mirrors headrest, visors any place you can imagine. It completely portable and needs no installation.

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