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Ahh… but can he make Ghidorah disappear?

Out of all the careers in the world, I would assume a Magician has got to be one of the least rewarding (ranking just above writing for a Mac blog). Even if you’re really good, odds are you won’t make any money and die alone obscurity (or the Poconos). I can’t tell whether this guy is famous or not, and I lack the interest to Google him, but I DO know two things about him:

1 – He’s pretty good (not GREAT, but pretty good)
2 – He’s rich enough to afford an iPad and a video camera.

So ladies, snap him up before he hits the big time and gets as famous as his apparently less obscure friend DiaGo (who is also pretty obscure, at least outside of Japan).

[via Gizmodo]

5 Responses to “Ahh… but can he make Ghidorah disappear?”
  1. Andrew Mayne says:

    Speak for yourself blogger boy. Magic has been very, very good for some of us.

    True, we’re all hopeless geeks that had to learn magic to meet girls. But the meeting girls part at least worked.

  2. Jonro says:

    Nicely done.

  3. Greg says:

    wait. what? nooo.

  4. ZxieuS says:

    Some guy did a similar thing on iPhone 1stGen launch day. I’m sure the youtube vids are still there. This guy miss timed a few bits unfortunately

  5. This is soo badd…

    You can even see him tapping the screen and the video controls popping up. C’mon!!

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