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It’s OK guys, you can laugh

Sometimes as fanboys our first reaction to a video like the following is an immediate “rush to defend” mentality that has us attempting justify Apple’s design choices in creating the iPad, and sometimes we end up saying stupid things like “I wouldn’t even want one if it had a camera” or some other such nonsense. But honestly, funny is funny, and this is pretty good.

[via 9to5]

8 Responses to “It’s OK guys, you can laugh”
  1. darrell says:

    are these those nerds who spoofed the switcher ads years ago because macs didn’t have the same gaming library as PCs? looks like they grew up and haven’t learned anything about what makes a product successful. sure i’m defending apple, but numbers don’t lie.

    that being said, it is a funny spoof.

  2. Justin says:

    I liked it. It was very well done and they didn’t go crazy overboard. Great find.

  3. pj says:

    the funny thing is they’re right…

  4. David says:

    supervideo, Doc! laughed my ass off…

  5. brnmbrns says:

    It’s pathetic that some people don’t even know how to normalize audio.
    I shouldn’t have to plug in headphones just to hear audio.

  6. Dave-O says:

    The camera didn’t fit, that was hilarious.

    What, no Jonny Five is alive joke, Doc?

  7. Patrick says:

    Great spoof. I want to be Vice President – Photos when I grow up.

  8. Was a great sense of humor … and I still missing the camera ;-( … But I don’t care I bought this thing since come out and probably I was the first mexican guy with a iPad in my hands ….

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