Everything you ever wanted to know about Mac Rumors’ Arnold Kim - Macenstein

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mac Rumors’ Arnold Kim

Arnold Kim - Mac Rumors

Arnold Kim‘s story is a truly fascinating one. A few years back Kim took a leap of faith and left his impressive sounding, chick-magnet job as a Nephrologist to become a full time blogger, and now his super-popular Mac Rumors site reigns supreme as the premiere repository of intel on all things Apple. Kim has since expanded his empire to include the iPhone gaming site Touch Arcade and the iOS AppStore monitoring App Shopper, and now he sits atop a pile of gold, drinking imported unicorn blood to stay young. We caught up with Arn on his private golf course and probed his mind, much as he used to probe his patients innards, and learned just what it is that makes him tick. So sit back, relax, and enjoy part one of our one part interview with Arnold Kim.

DM: Thanks for sitting with us Arn. So, how long have you been a fan Macenstein?
AK: What is Macenstein?

DM: Ha Ha. But seriously. If you were forced to choose just ONE THING, what would you say you like most about Macenstein?
AK: Expert opinions, hard hitting analysis, oh, and boobs.

DM: Hmmm… that’s actually THREE things. Well, FOUR, technically. So, late at night, when you think of Dr. Macenstein, which handsome Hollywood matinee idol would you imagine Dr. Macenstein looks most like?
AK: John Cusack

DM: I said “handsome”, but OK. How fast would you guess Dr. Macenstein can run the 300 yard dash?
AK: Not very fast.

DM: Would you have any problem with Dr. Macenstein randomly showing up at your house, uninvited, and if not, what would you cook for him?
AK: No problem. I would cook Mac and Cheese and Apple Pie.

DM: I don’t get it. If you had to pick one of our Mac Chicks of the Month to be trapped in a mattress store with overnight, which one would it be?
AK: After extensive research, I’ve gone with Mac Chick of the Month” (Jan 2008): Elise Frappier

Elise Frappier
DM: Excellent choice. What would you say is your favorite Apple-related site that sounds sort of like “Frankenstein”?
AK: http://einsteinsapple.blogspot.com/

DM: Fair enough. Thanks for your time, I feel we learned about you today.
AK: Any time!

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  1. Rowlings says:

    wow. way to get inside his head. I feel like I read his 600 page auto biography.

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