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Ukrainian Defense Secretary steals Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech

Raisa Bogatyreva Busted

Well over 4 million people have watched the below YouTube video of Steve Jobs’ uplifting Stanford commencement speech, including, apparently, Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense Raisa Bogatyreva. Business Insider is reporting that Bogatyreva lifted quite a few lines from Jobs’ speech, word for word in a recent address she gave.

Now, assuming she first translated them into whatever language it is Ukrainians speak, I must say, I think it’s pretty impressive that she got caught. After all, there are only a handful of Ukrainian tech giants who I can quote speeches from, so Jobs should feel somewhat honored that his words of wisdom made it across the pond, then hopped a train or a goat or something and made it into Bogatyreva’s speech. In fact, I bet she probably wouldn’t have been caught at all if it weren’t for the fact that the lines she took involved her being adopted as a young boy and reminiscing on creating the first Mac.

5 Responses to “Ukrainian Defense Secretary steals Steve Jobs’ Stanford speech”
  1. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Thanks for posting the Stanford video in the article, Doc. I’d never seen it before but found it very interesting.

  2. Rob says:

    Steve Jobs is part Klingon, so maybe she thought it was okay to “borrow” it for the good of the empire.

  3. remi says:

    Funny story.
    Too bad you felt the need for adding sarcasms about ukrainians riding goats or speaking “whatever language”.
    Let’s say this is caused by americano-centrism and a less-than-OK tech-only education rather than true xenophobia.
    (Yes, you’re right, I live in a non-US part of the world but managed to find some sort of electricity to plug my brand-new Mac SE-30 running a DOS 6.2 emulator to post this comment).

    • HardCharger says:

      That’s the way he writes all the time about everything and everyone. Why should he change his style just because he’s writing on something that you apparently hold dear to your heart? And then you attack his education why?

      So Mr. Smarty pants with an obviously stellar education, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you from?

      By the way, you are taking (yourself, your education, your way of life, where you are from/live, etc…..pick one) way too seriously. Try to laugh a little and have some fun.

      One last thing… did you manage to score some electricity? I though we only had electricity here in the US? 😀

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