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Kindle Fire outselling iPads at Best Buy – Amazon is a big baby

With the news today that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is outselling the iPad 2 at Best Buy, I thought it wise to revisit this little Kindle Fire mention by Seth Meyers on SNL a few months back (about 40 seconds in). Giving we are now well into the holiday shopping season, I think Seth’s warning to parents bares repeating.

Now, this news should not be cause for we fanboys to panic – after all, the iPad is still ranked #2 at Best Buy, and remember that the Fire is less than half the price of an iPad and price always wins out over quality and features. However, what I find interesting is the way the iPad shows up in search results on Amazon’s site. For example, if you search “tablets” in computers, The Fire is number 1 (sorted by popularity) and you have to go down to number 8 to find an iPad. That’s right, the PanDigital 72-70FW 7-Inch Tablet Computer – White (ranked 4) and the Toshiba Thrive 10.1-Inch 16 GB Android Tablet (ranked 2) are way more popular than the iPad.

AND, if you actually search specifically for an iPad, you get the following list, starting with an ad for the Kindle Fire, then followed by iPad screen protectors, and STYLUSES, yes, STYLUSES… then some other stuff, then the Kindle Fire, then a 1st gen 16 GB iPad, then finally an iPad 2.

Now, to be SLIGHTLY fair, despite selling iPods and MackBooks, Amazon has decided not to sell the iPad itself (it only shows 3rd party results) since it views the iPad as competition, so there’s a chance the iPad results are lower because people are finding a better deal elsewhere than on Amazon. However, Amazon certainly COULD sell the iPad, if it weren’t such a scared little baby. After all, Apple sells the Kindle Fire on THEIR store… oh wait.

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  1. Considering that the IPad still doesn’t play flash, and it is much more expensive, I would opt for the KIndle. I had an Ipad, and loved it, until I couldn’t view most websites I went to because of the lacking flash player. So I can see why Best Buy is killing it in the sales over Ipad.

    • Bpalmo says:

      Android based flash is also going away! happen to read any artical in regards to mobile devices. And what killed it you ask “Apple” this is just another in a long list of things foreseen by apple. Can you say html5 ! Android sucks get over it! P.S. the return rate on Fire is 23%!

    • Craig says:

      And thats rather silly, as adobe have just dropped development of mobile flash player and the slow death of flash has begun… as someone else said ‘Steve jobs prediction that html5 replacing flash over time is suddenly true’, I don’t own any iPad, although use one for testing web development at work and working for a blue chip UK based company that has just completely redesigned their website and removed flash totally, not buying an iPad because it doesn’t ‘do flash’ is just about the silliest reason to not buy one…lmao

      and yes I am a self confessed fanboy, who has never seen the point of a tablet PC anyway if you have a macbook and and iPhone, but horses for courses eh!

  2. darrell says:

    @where can i buy a kindle

    you can actually virtualize a ton of websites with the right apps on the iPad.

    i browse the web more then most normal people do – and i barely ever see any flash sites on my mac (i uninstalled flash completely) the most important sites – banking, shopping, etc don’t use flash at all. and after using my coworkers kindle fire for 30 minutes, i could tell why it’s only worth $200.

  3. Rob says:

    @where can i buy a kindle….Not crush your argument about the “yeah, well iOS doesn’t play flash” blah, blah, blah

    Please see the link provided:

  4. Kindle kicks the arse of iPad. In my opinion the iPad is just an expensive angry birds player!

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