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Suggestions for winning DragonVale Races

DragonVale Races
DragonVale’s new Dragon Races are a great way to earn extra cash, food, XP, and even gems, not to mention just a great time waster if you’re looking to avoid what you SHOULD be doing. But sometimes it can be difficult matching up the right dragon for the right race. So here’s a list of Dragon suggestions for various races that I have found to deliver 1st place results multiple times. Of course, you will still need a little luck with competitors and decent finger-tapping skills to hit the boosts, but I can only do so much.

Blast Furnace: Forge, Brass

Cherry Road: Sakura, Paper

Dramoria: Steel

Electric Skies: Sonic, Butterfly

Marshlands: Seaweed, Swamp

Rime or Reason: Snow

Shimmering Faultline: Any Gem Dragon (Pearl, Emerald, Ruby, etc.) Rainbow, Gold, Moon, Leap Year

Ulster Meadows: Tree, Moss, Clover

Year of the Dragon Race: Panlong Dragon, Rainbow

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

281 Responses to “Suggestions for winning DragonVale Races”
  1. Rob Turrentine says:

    I have not, sorry. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

    How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Just one: he turns it off and turns it back on.

  2. Omen says:

    Shimmering Faultline: Chrystal, Quake

  3. Lea says:

    You should add flower dragon to cherry road. It works great if you don’t have Sakura or paper.

  4. AUFH Luke says:

    Have you figured out how to consistently get the speed boost on the starting line? Two separate times I have been just randomly tapping the screen during the 3,2,1 countdown, and I got a boost identical to when I tap the screen crossing one of the yellow lines. No other racers managed to even get close to me in those races, so I’d love to do that every time! The problem is that both times were accidental, so I can’t replicate it with any consistency. Have you had this happen to you as well?? Please tell me the secret!! (My guess is that it’s similar to the boost start in MarioKart games, where tapping the accelerator right as the countdown reaches 1 boosts you ahead.)
    Also, thanks for the awesome site!! Me and my fiancΓ© love it!!!
    -AUFH Luke

    • Redhead Wench says:

      After reading your post, I just went & tried to tap the screen as you described. I found that if i tap just as the countdown reaches ‘Go’ I was able to get the boost. It seems the timing has to be RIGHT on the ‘go’ for it to work, like hitting the yellow line exactly to get the ‘perfect.’ I wasn’t able to master it every time but did make it happen 5 or 6 times in about 10-12 races. Thanks for the tip!!!

  5. Tjm814 says:

    I like Your name… Irish or Scottish?

  6. Tjm814 says:

    Irish I’m betting.

  7. Tjm814 says:

    This game rocks because it is something I can do with my three-year-old daughter and it appeals to both of us. Thanks backflip for the genius behind the game!

  8. Tjm814 says:

    Because I’m Irish. Lol. Betting on my lucky guess! Thanks for writing back! I’ll add you for gem if you’re interested.

  9. Marizzz says:

    Kairos is annoying ! Tried 1000 races still not done !!!! I hate it !!

    • FallenAngels says:

      Iv done about 5000 and only one bot left till i have him, only the head till i get kiaros!!! I CANT F*CKING WAIT FOR THE 6HOUR SPEED UP FOR MY GOLD DRAGON, STILL HAS 1DAY 23HOURS LEFT IT WILL DO SO GOD DAMN HELPFUL!!!

      • Maggie says:

        I don’t appreciate the language. What if younger children are reading this. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WHOEVER TAKES CARE OF THIS SITE DOESN’T DELETE WITH LANGUAGE LIKE THIS. I love Dragonvale. The whole game is patience. Some people just have more luck quicker than others. I tried for 15 days straight to get the diamond gem. It didn’t take me long to finish Kairos but my son took a lot longer than me. When you have Kairos, when you activate him, everything is speeded up by 6 hours.

        • SquiddyTheMouse says:

          Younger children who aren’t accustomed to “language like this” shouldn’t be on the internet. FallenAngels censored “f*cking” and the worst thing they actually said was “god damn”. You’re being a little old fashioned, don’t you think? This isn’t the 1920’s anymore, people say “rude” words.

    • Emma says:

      Have you bought the kairos habitat thingy?

  10. Potter says:

    Year of the dragon: Mud. Trust me, no dragon was even close to it

  11. Tjm84 says:

    I changed my ID from tjm814 to deiandknight in case you’re wondering who gave you gems

  12. Victoria says:

    Actually, the crystal dragon is best for Shimmering Faultline. Use it, and you’ll win every time. πŸ˜‰

  13. Lis says:

    How do you use the Dragon Track? Every time I enter it, it will only let me do a tutorial race.

    • Emma says:

      You press races not tutorial

    • Jennifer says:

      I have the same issue. No matter what, I’m stuck with the practice race only. I’ve bought & sold the track twice. However, nothing seems to allow me to race any other races. I was thinking I’d have to beat the tutorial in order to get to other races, but I’ve tried every dragon I haven’t yet beat the tutorial.

    • Jennifer says:

      I was informed by a back flip rep that in order to proceed with any race, you must come in third in the tutorial before you can get to other races. Good luck, I’ve tried every dragon and have yet found one that comes in third.

  14. george says:

    mine dragon for dramoria

  15. Ik says:

    Gemtree.i now can give three gems if i buy the gem tree i can give nine gems ? Some people say than you can give total of six ??? So how meany can i realy get ???

  16. David says:

    For year of dragon my secret waepon is firework dragon

  17. Redhead Wench says:

    It seems the new update has, at times, made the prize wheel outcome more random!! Any one else find this to be accurate?

  18. Rob Turrentine says:

    I think you’re right about the wheel. It spins faster and doesn’t always end up on the sixth slot before the start.

  19. She-droid says:

    Aside from sonic and butterfly for the electric skies race, I’ve been using air.
    Works good but can anyone recommend something else?

  20. Wife of ToeLivz says:

    I am stuck on Dramoria and I use Steel every time and keep getting 4th πŸ™ any suggestions plz?

  21. Violindavid says:

    Add me free Gems given Everyday!!! Violindavid!

  22. Liam says:

    The easiest way to win any of the races is to use one of the premium dragons like gold, sun, or In my case, solstice. It forces all the other dragons to be premium as well, so no-one gets an advantage and you get a better outcome from the boost lines than the computer’s dragons. Never not finished first with my solstice (yet…)

    • Chris says:

      Yeah I wanted to add this as well, I use my solar eclipse dragon (new to the game, first rare dragon obtained) for every race since I’ve obtained it and have not lost a race since.

      When using the rare dragons, it only selects other rare dragons to compete with you, so none of your competitors will have an elemental boost bonus and you can pretty much fly through the races. I did this before they changed the way you obtain Kairos, so I’m sure this will help fly through the pieces now.

      apple id: k1p44

  23. Stuffitch says:

    Any suggestions for winning the track “Ulster Meadows”
    if I do not have Tree, Moss, orc lover?

    • says:

      My swamp dragon does great on Ulster and Marshlands tracks. As long as I pay attention it wins.

  24. Stuffitch says:

    That’s supposed to be “or Clover” πŸ˜‰

  25. Beth says:

    If you use a Gemstone dragon in the races, you get a higher chance of getting gems in the wheel.
    Just to let ya’ know πŸ˜‰

  26. firegodessreiko says:

    Quake always stomps Shimmering Faultline for me. I’ll win by whole seconds.

  27. Matt says:

    On Rime or Reason I used my lvl 10 blue moon and got first. It wasnt a major win but i finished 1st with no one else on the screen.

  28. Matt says:

    Is there any pattern to the wheel spin? ive been trying to get the last piece on the first item for about 30 races…

  29. John says:

    I’ve raced 50 times and almost have 1/3 of the artifacts. Luck?

  30. Ninjabob91 says:

    Thanks for this list! Can people add me aswell? Ninjabob991

  31. Gugu says:

    The firework dragon is great for year of the dragon!,!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Suckmymoos says:

    Also something for marshlands lichen works better then seaweed

  33. grnscorpio says:

    When I get XP on the spin wheel, even upwards of 7,500,000 it doesn’t change my level bar. Anyone else get this problem?

  34. Meg says:

    I win Year of the Dragon almost every time with lava.

  35. Emma says:

    I have 2 more pieces on my golden Parton the kairos but when I race the pieces that I need aren’t there!! Any advice?

  36. Pappumahi says:

    Here is a list of dragons for races

    Shimmering Faultline – Tree Dragon.
    Blast Furnace – Brass Dragon
    Dramoria – Mine Dragon
    Year of the Dragon – Chrome dragon
    Ulster meadows – Moss Dragon
    Marshlands – Moss Dragon
    Rime or Reason – Snow Dragon
    Cherry road – Poison / Tree / Ash / Flower dragon
    Electric Skies – Adult Sonic dragon

    Add me in game centre- Pappumahi

  37. Seiryn says:

    For the starting boost if you tap just as or before it says ‘go!’ and then hold your finger there afterwards it majorly increases your odds of getting it; I just did ten races in a row and got the boost on all but the sixth one. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  38. jfcheese says:

    I Don’t have a butterfly or sonic dragon for electric skies πŸ™ . what other dragons could I use?

  39. carlos says:

    can i get some adds?
    i could use some gems
    nametag: _*.CARLOS_GR.*_
    thanks :3

  40. Maggie says:

    I found out about the extra boost at the start from reading what’s printed when the game first starts. You can find out useful information by reading this. The extra boost comes when you tap just before Go. It’s just a timing thing. The readout also states that every dragon can be bred.

    With the gifting tree can you give gems to more than 3 people a day?

  41. Douch Rag says:

    Why aren’t the terrain found on each track listed instead of dragons; would be far more useful than this.

  42. Erica says:

    I’m new to Dragonvale. How to you get to these races?

  43. Maggie says:

    I have bought the gem tree. I play everyday at least 3 times. I’m not for sure how many gems you can give but it someone wants to share with me their facebook name, I will friend you and send a gem every day.

  44. Jenn says:

    Help what dragon to use for blast Furnace!! I don’t have brass or forge! I’m tired of not wining that one!!

  45. Danielle says:

    Century Dragon works really well for Year of the Dragon.

  46. bob says:

    I used a motley dragon for Cherry Road and one first every time with no-one else on the screen

  47. Dana says:

    I win 9 out of 10 races using any gemstone dragon.

  48. Tiffany K. says:

    Hi there! I have found this site very helpful. However, I’m only level 19 with two islands, so I have a long way to go. I don’t even have a blue fire dragon yet! But, I can say that I use my Quake dragon any time I get shimmering fault line, and he wins by a landslide! Hope this helps any lower levels or those waiting on a rarer dragon that can’t spend real money on the game.

  49. Dabom says:

    For shimmering faultline, quake works well too.

  50. AKB says:

    Solar eclipse works very well for Year of the dragon. It works even better than the rainbow!

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