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Nothing Creepy about THIS! Young Steve Jobs Actions figures now on sale!

Got $400 lying around and a thing for sexy young egomaniacal computer geniuses? Then you’re going to want to head on over to Legend Toys and order your 1970’s and 1980’s “Young Steve Jobs” figures before Apple shuts them down with a cease and desist notice!

Nothing Creepy here!

Nothing Creepy here!

As with previous Steve Jobs Action figures, the action seems fairly limited – these are more statues than true play things, and they ain’t cheap, coming in at $200 a piece. However the attention to detail is once again extremely impressive, including the painstakingly crafted accessories. Check out the gallery below!

The historic computer co-created by Steve Jobs

Spec: 1/6 Scale Painted with Clothing

Accessories: 1. Double-breasted suit 2. Three pairs of hands 3. Wooden Computer 4. apple (NEW)

Price: US$149.99 (Without Shipping)

Release Date: End of November 2013

As the second release of Legend Toys! The “Young Steve Jobs ‘70s & ‘80s” collectible figures have raised the realism and quality standard again. Our Chief Designer Mr. Kato in associate with Miss Nakamori to create the both super realistic Steve Jobs’ images from between ‘70s and ‘80s.

The ‘70s version comes with a complete double-breast suit which was tailored by Miss Nakamori, it is so well fitted and even make the young genius look greater. Moreover, this reflect the early Steve Jobs image perfectly before he switched to the iconic turtleneck and jeans.

The ‘80s version comes with the ALL-NEW cutting turtleneck and jeans also tailored by Miss Nakamori. Even the original turtleneck that Steve Jobs wore was made by Japanese designer on his request. The new cutting low-waist jeans make the young genius even more iconic.

As a diehard fans of Steve Jobs like you, we are fully understand what you want the most. So our team spent months to develop this most detailed historic piece of art! The first computer co-created by Steve Jobs which kick started the whole legend. Both versions come with this 1:6 scale SUPER rear antique wooden computer which is made of laser-cut wood with laser engraving. With the highly detailed motherboard and cabling inside.

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