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Safari, meet Firefox

You may recall last week we showcased the wonderful work of photo artist Mike Roshuk and his Internet Browser girls series. You may ALSO remember that there were a few glaring holes in his web browser girl gallery, most importantly the sexy-sounding Firefox. Well, Mike was nice enough to drop us a line letting us know that he has fixed that hole, and then some. Behold Firefox, Opera, and even Netscape! (Where’s iCab?) Just kidding Mike.




Safari may still be my favorite, but I could see being persuaded to switch to Firefox…

3 Responses to “Safari, meet Firefox”
  1. Vincent says:

    That power it’s over 9000!!!!!!!!

  2. Vincent says:

    So many girls lol

  3. Jake says:

    Why does the safari won always have exposed breasts i mean i like it as much as the next guy I’m just curious

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