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This looks cool: Pyle’s Street Blaster

Pyle’s Street Blaster

Mmmm… 1000 watts… This Bluetooth boom box from Pyle Audio looks almost exactly like one I had in 1992 that I bought because I was young and thought it looked like a bazooka. Still the thing was crazy loud, and this looks similarly promising. The Street Blaster is a full range stereo speaker system offering a high output music listening experience, as well as Bluetooth... Read More

This looks cool: The Gaming Skin for iPhone and iPod touch

Easier than actually reviewing something, I have decided to create a new feature called “This looks cool”, where I showcase things that… look cool. And this looks cool. It’s the Gaming Skin by iSkin, a combination battery pack and speaker/rumble pack which aims to make your iPhone/iPod gaming experience a little more immersive by adding vibration and (hopefully)... Read More


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