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I really expected this to suck

When I heard that a music video had been shot entirely with the new iPhone 3GS, I assumed both the terms “music” and “video” were being used extremely loosely. However, this video, by the artist Reyna (and yes, I’ll bestow the title “artist” upon her) not only doesn’t suck, it’s actually pretty good. The iPhone’s footage has been treated a bit, and it sure as hell wasn’t EDITED on an iPhone, but the trippy visuals... Read More

Without the iPhone there would be no Metallica

Well, OK, maybe that’s not quite true – I guess Metallica did “OK” before 2007, but according to the below video interview with James Hetfield (conducted by a cute 17-year old Dutch fan named Cissie), it appears that the iPhone has become a part of Hetfield’s songwriting workflow. “A lot of times, I’ll just see words… that are interesting to me…. and put them in my iPhone…” says James. “Just some words... Read More

Turn me on

Hey, everybody, add me as your buddy, and turn me on to some new music. User: “macenstein“. Thanks! -The Doc  Read More


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