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Justin Long goes back to waiting tables after losing the “I’m a Mac Campaign”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it looks like actor Justin “I’m a Mac” Long is having trouble making ends meet since Apple’s popular ad campaign ended last year: Actor Justin Long shocked diners at a popular New York City restaurant when he posed as a waiter. After finishing his meal at the eatery BLT Fish, Long got up from his table, purchased one of the restaurant’s t-shirts and began working as a staff member, much to the amusement of... Read More

Everyone’s a privacy nut until they get lost in the woods and need someone to come find them

It looks like I am apparently one of the few, if not the only, tech journalists out there who is not freaking out about the newly discovered “location tracking” file having been found on both the iPhone and the backup the iPhone makes on your computer each time you sync. If you somehow missed it, the short version is Apple has apparently been logging the location of every iPhone on the planet and storing the time and location of everywhere the iPhone has been for... Read More


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