Press releases - Macenstein

iPhone getting a “virtual reality headmount” – take THAT RIM!

Above: Box Fab may have finally found a way to make the iPhone not cool. Well, out of all the “guess what we’re gonna do” press releases to come from 3rd party developers following the iPhone SDK announcements, this one is certainly one of the most ambitious. BOX FAB has announced 3 crazy ideas it claims to have secured an “exclusive licensing award” for, the most controversial of which is: “a virtual reality head-mount which the iPhone... Read More

Aero Quartet releases SimpleMovieX 3.6.2

Aero Quartet has released version 3.6.2 of SimpleMovieX, their lightweight Mac OS X movie editor. Sort of a cross between QuickTime Pro and Rogue Amoeba’s Fission, SimpleMovieX extends editing capabilities to other popular video formats AVI, MPEG and iPod MP4. The main advantage of native editing is speed and quality, since no re-encoding is required to save edited movies. This new version adds a redesigned timeline and can create MPEG-4 file with chapter markers, to... Read More


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