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Leopard’s weird Aperture/desktop glitch

Faithful Macenstein reader Logan Williams has alerted us to an odd problem Aperture users might be experiencing when they upgade to Leopard.

“I found a bug in Leopard, as have several others. It’s really annoying. If you have Aperture, you can’t set a folder in System Prefs for desktop backgrounds – it duplicates your Aperture projects folder and starts acting strange. When you press the disclosure triangle for the duplicate, the original unfolds and it doesn’t let you use that folder”

“the only way to get it to go away is to rename the folder you selected in Finder – if you rename it it goes away”

Obviously this isn’t a huge issue, but sometimes it’s the little things that seem to take the luster off an OS upgrade. Apparently others have noticed the issue and started a couple threads in the Apple discussion forums as well.

Now, to be totally fair to Apple, I don’t think even THEY own a copy of Aperture, so odds are they did not have a chance to test its Leopard compatibility before launch.


3 Responses to “Leopard’s weird Aperture/desktop glitch”
  1. Don’t be nasty about Aperture, it’s great!

    I use it all the time now and find it much more useful than iPhoto. They really should give it away for free though, or bundle all of the Express products into an iLife Pro series.


  2. Hey Simon,

    No, I was just kidding. Aperture is actually pretty cool. Your bundle idea initially seemed like a good idea, but the more I think about it, it’s probably best to keep Aperture on its own.

    I would assume their are many photographers out there who are not would-be videographers, and who would want the option to buy Aperture as a stand alone app.

    Photography seems to be its own thing, for the most part. Where with FCS it makes sense that once you edit something in FCP, you’ll likely want to color correct it (Color), add music (Soundtrack), compress it (Compressor), and burn to a DVD (DVD Studio), thus the bundling.

    Photography workflow is usually edit, then maybe burn a disc.

    Not that I’d cry if Aperture and Final Cut Express were included in a bundle for the same price…


    -The Doc

  3. mark mindlin says:

    Actually, Aperture IS an Apple product, so they should have had plenty of time (more than say, Adobe) to test for compatibilities

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