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“Oh buddons!”: The $100 iPod touch has arrived!

Does someone on your holiday list want an iPod touch, but they just don’t rate high enough to warrant spending $399 on them? Well, “Apple-photocopier” Optimus has your answer. Their new (originally named) Optimus Touch sports pretty much every feature of Apple’s iPod touch and then some, including direct rips of most of its icons and user interface, all rolled up in a $109 package.

If you would like to take the Apple fanboy test (which I passed, thank you very much) I encourage everyone to watch this video and see if they end up hating the reviewer as much as I did. With lines like “It’s basically a very nicely laid out user interface… it does look like the (blahblah?) touch UI, but it’s nowhere the same”, see if you can refrain from crawling through my screen and strangling the guy. How is it “nowhere the same” if the icons, navigation, playback controls, AND form factor are all taken directly from from the iPod touch?!

Even the way he pronounced “buttons” annoyed me. “Buddons”. Who the hell says buddons?

Anyway, like most Apple-knockoffs, the Optimus Touch gets greedy, and actually tries to pack in more features than the Apple product it’s stealing from, borrowing from , no, stealing from was right. For instance, the Optimus Touch (which comes in 2 and 4 GB varieties) sports an SD card slot for adding additional memory. There is also a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, Voice recorder, Video camera, eBook reader, on-screen lyrics during playback, and fish scaler (I assume). As the name implies, it has a touch screen as well, although it seems a stylus is necessary for accurate navigation.

OK, it completely rips off Apple’s UI, but can it deliver the goods? Well, according to the reviewer (who is also the one selling these) the Optimus Touch is great, so if you’d like to take your chances that a company as “well known” as Optimus could beat Apple at its own game at 1/4 the price, then hurry over to MP4 Nation, and pick your Optimus Touch up now. You probably have about a week before Apple files a holiday injunction.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Coop for the tip.

25 Responses to ““Oh buddons!”: The $100 iPod touch has arrived!”
  1. Jake says:

    umm… so should WE contact Apple legal or just assume they already know about this?

  2. Rowlings says:

    Hey Jake, you’re just assuming the iPod touch came first! Maybe Apple ripped off Optimus!

  3. Jonro says:

    I’m not that impressed. Manual playlists and you need to use a stylus. It’s pretty decent for the price but it’s no iPod Touch.

  4. Jonro, you’re not supposed to be impressed…

    -The Doc

  5. Busch says:

    I love the camera reflection on the screen.

  6. Joseph says:

    That thing looks like junk and it looks like it operates like junk. I wouldn’t call it stealing at all. I’d call attempted copying but failing really badly. I’d happily pay a $500 premium for the iPhone’s firmware. In fact, I wouldn’t want to use one of those if it was given to me for free. Don’t give a rats ass if saying all this makes me a fanboy. If you want to be the Grinch, get your girlfriend or boyfriend or your teenage kids one for Christmas 🙂

  7. Leo says:

    I don’t know were to start. Then again…

    1) The guy is an idiot. It sounds like he’s sleeping or something.

    2) “Oh, it looks like and Apple Touch…” FY!

    3) The interface is so crappy. I mean, that shitty piece of crap keeps getting wrong the portrait/landscape mode. He can’t exit until he touchs a “buddon”.

    4) It looks like a device designed in the seventies.

    I hate him and his product, it’s everything from cheap and crappy to mediocre and bulky.

  8. Hindsight says:

    wow- Guh-Hehtoeee!

  9. Jim says:

    Gee, it seems like he had a lot of problems with getting the interface to react either to the stylus or his finger. Did anyone else notice this? The touch screen used in this piece of crap must be a cheap 25 cent version, it sure seems that way from the video.

  10. onerythym says:

    wtf is up with that 1970s orange “buddon?”

  11. Ryan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. I lmao the entire video. One of my favorite parts was him saying that the screen is pretty sensitive, but even with the stylus, more than half the time that he was pressing the “buddins” they didn’t do a damn thing. I hate that man…. ROFL.

  12. Calvin says:

    It’s called the Optimus Touch, but as stated in the video, the “touch” screen is designed for use with the stylus.

  13. ashergrey says:

    Was it just me, or was he tapping the ‘track forward’ and ‘track backward’ buddons to increase and decrease the volume?

  14. Justin says:

    I just feel bad for all the grand children that are going to get this from their not so bright grand parents… I pitty them deeply, this thing is horrible!

    Money quote: “And yeah, if you set it to landscape mode it WILL remember that setting the next time you turn it on…” Hahahhaha… look the inabilities are features!

  15. Paul says:

    Wow, pretty interesting rip. interesting as in why bother? Reminds me of my kid’s toy cell phone, which sort of looks like a cell phone, but only calls… one recording that mum or dad record for him.

    Oh, but wait, it’s got playlists, something a lot of people have been asking for. Yes, playlists, you know, somethng that must predate the original iPod.

    But despite it’s “added” features, the thing apparently doesn’t have wifi, or a browser.

    Oh, and Dr., isn’t the iPod Touch $299? Maybe I’m wrong. I suppose I could check, but i don’t care since I ponied up for the iPone (which was $399).

    Wow, did I just waste all that time commentng on some piece of crap?

    I must get a life.

  16. Name says:

    “How is it “nowhere the same” if the icons, navigation, playback controls, AND form factor are all taken directly from from the iPod touch?!”

    Did you notice how many times he had to hit each control before it would respond? THAT’S how it’s nowhere near the same. It’s a cheap knockoff and I didn’t once hear him say it was the iPod touch’s equal. Why are Mac users advocating violence against people who review Apple knockoffs? It’s that kind of snotty attitude that gives all of us a black eye.

  17. Kevin says:

    Wow. Did anyone check out that guy’s fingernails? I think he dug a hole in his backyard with his hands to get to China and pick up that POS. To the reader who said they wouldn’t use this if it were free — I wouldn’t even touch it if they paid me, it was hard enough watching the video.

    Nice “Settings” icon, among others.

    Go get ’em, Apple.

  18. Nicolas says:

    “This video is no longer available”… … strange, isn’t it ?

  19. Dave-O says:

    What did it for me is when he tapped the stop buddon to start playing music. WTF?

  20. Jon says:

    I didn’t realize that there were some many knockoffs of the iPhone/iPod touch.

  21. Doug says:

    He’s got to be Asian himself. You mentioned about his fingers. Chinese tend to have that kind of coloring. The icons need to be double clicked. You notice that he selects it once and the icon is highlighted and clicks it again to activate. He’s just too clumsy with it to get it right the first time. I’d be afraid of spending that much money and have it break a week later.

  22. SS says:

    I actually have this and its half decent if you arent picky
    as in (APPLE LOVERS) and can tolerate a little … cheapness… but its only $80 for gods sake!

  23. Yawn says:

    Yes, they’re horrible pieces of shit…. but then I’m fed up with irritating Apple fan boys who think that everything on the planet is a “copy” of an iPod touch. Especially considering that device is a collection of stolen ideas and features in the first place.

    Apple are no better than anyone else when it comes to theft.

  24. Tom says:

    It seems like a decent product, even after reading other peoples comments. It seems that some people don’t have the money to afford a iTouch (I can, of course). Some people could think this is an awesome product.

    After seeing the video. Here are some pros and cons of the product.

    -It’s 1/3 the price of the iTouch which is considerably cheaper
    -It’s not like the touch screen is broken. It still works.
    -Has a “mini” SD slot (which I think is the micro SD slot)

    -On the music part, it seems like the volume was the next track button
    -Comes with a terrible “pen”
    -Screen doesn’t have brightness options
    -Is a copy (considering that the iTouch came first)

    Looks like it COULD be a good product, but I can’t fully test the product. I don’t think I would pay 109 dollars for a COPY. But I would consider it to some.

    Thing is, I think most of the people commenting are spoiled. Thus thinking this is shit. But It’s okay.

  25. DeDe says:


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