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Classic Newton Ad: “Gotham”

“How do I get a purchase order to the city that never sleeps from a town that went to bed an hour ago?”

Why, whip out your trusty iPhone, er, Newton, of course!

Man! I can’t believe the Newton could send faxes, and the iPhone can’t. I feel so ripped off!
Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Bill for the link.

6 Responses to “Classic Newton Ad: “Gotham””
  1. Rogier says:

    You live in the past.
    Faxes as soooo past. PDF is the word.
    I bet you also feel ripped off that there is no dial-up modem in any Mac since quite a long time. And if I guess the complaint would be that’s to slowwww…

    Wake up.

  2. Roger, I was kidding about the fax, but now that you mention the modem thing, I DO feel ripped off I can’t use my iPhone as a modem. Where’s the tethering!??!

    -The Doc

  3. Alexander says:

    The Newton’s high-contrast display is much easier on the eyes, it has a modem and fax, and I bet with a modern battery it would last longer. Why would anyone prefer the iPhone?

  4. King Graham says:

    Alexander, you’re brain dead for even asking that question. Go to your room!

  5. Guy says:

    Uh, what’s a fax?

  6. mistersurefire says:

    Hey, isn’t that the World Trade Centre in the clip?

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