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Bring Stacks home: The Prove Shelves by Creosa

Faithful Macenstein reader Jim came across these crazy newfangled shelves on freshome that bear a striking resemblance to Leopard’s Stacks.

While ordinary bookshelves can only mimic Leopard’s Stacks feature’s “grid view”, the Prove Shelves, designed by the German company Creosa, do a very respectable job mimicking Leopard’s “fan” layout. Sure, they may not have been designed to look like Stacks, but when you are an Apple fan, you tend to see these things.

Now all we need is a take on the upcoming “List View“, and our Leopard Library we’re building here at the lab will be complete.

One Response to “Bring Stacks home: The Prove Shelves by Creosa”
  1. Rowlings says:

    Those would look just amazing… in someone else’s house.

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