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Elgato releases EyeTV 3.0.1 – The begining of the end for TitanTV?

Well, nothing incredibly major hear, but as a fan of EyeTV I’m always happy to see “numerous bug fixes” listed in an update, even if I haven’t encountered them yet.

The big news in this update seems to be new support for the XMLTV Electronic Programming Guide. The XML guide seems to have the potential to be very cool, and looks like it’s perhaps showing clues at Elgato’s “Plan B” when it eventually distances itself from TitanTV.

“EyeTV 3.0.1 adds sr xml files that contain electronic programming guide data downloaded via the open-source xmltv tool. Simply drag the downloaded .xml file onto EyeTV. To switch a particular channel’s program guide provider to xmltv, select the channel in EyeTV’s channel list, then click the EPG popup menu and choose xmltv. Elgato is interested in hearing user comments about this feature, especially from developers who’d like to work on integrating their xmltv-based applications with EyeTV. Please send your feedback to xmltvintegration@elgato.com.”

Looks like Elgato may be turning to the open source community going forward, which is (almost) always a good thing.

Also added in this update is hardware support for the TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T XS FM, which is a new DVB-T/Analog PAL and FM Radio USB stick available in Europe that doesn’t help me, being a US resident…. and the addition of Smart Guides which have a Start Day and Stop Day rule which allows an easy way to select a specific day of the week, which is appreciated.

Oh, and bug fixes. Gotta have those. There is no longer a direct download, to upgrade you’ll need to first launch EyeTV 3 and then select “Check for Updates” from the EyeTV menu. The software update will install automatically.

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  1. Dave-O says:

    XMLTV might be the beginning of a TiVo-like season pass. I never upgraded to 2.0 because I didn’t see a point in paying for an update that doesn’t add season passes.

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