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iPhone vs. Mac OS X – Who has the correct forecast?

I noticed something odd when checking the weather today on my iPhone and my laptop…

Above: My iPhone says I am in for a sucky week.

Above: Leopard says I have a sunnier future.

Does anyone else find it odd that Apple uses 2 different services for Weather? The iPhone uses Yahoo (which uses the Weather Channel) and Leopard apparently uses AccuWeather. (For the record, at the moment, looking outside, it appears the iPhone is more accurate).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader David Erlich for the iPhone screenshot.

14 Responses to “iPhone vs. Mac OS X – Who has the correct forecast?”
  1. Imagine Engine says:

    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and the weather application on my iPhone and MacBook Pro are in sync. Before sending a bug report to Apple letting try power cycling (turn off and back on) your iPhone .

  2. zippi says:

    I’d love to change the weather-source… especially the German weather is sometimes so WAY off reality (e.g. 2 weeksd ago when my iPhone told me every day it was going to rain, and there weren’t any rain-days all week…)

  3. Gary says:

    hi. i don’t have an iphone (yet) but i am using weathersnitch for my menu bar. yep, i live in the tristate also and weathersnitch is showing the more precise weather (based on visual inspection) than the one in the widget. generally, IMHO, i find weather.com more precise than accuweather.com though the accuweather website is more pleasing to the eye. 🙂

  4. Jonro says:

    Looking outside is more accurate 🙂

  5. Christophe says:

    I’ve noticed this too. Interesting, for San Francisco, the iPhone seems to give consistently lower-temp forecast highs than OS X Dashboard. I assume that they are getting their weather feeds from different providers.

  6. One is looking at Accuweather.com, and the other is looking at weather.com.

    Use your own judgement. 😉

  7. Albert says:

    That’s not Apples problem. But I always use the weather rock. http://www.windycreek.com/weatherrock.html

  8. zippi says:

    Looking outside won’t always tell you if you can work on your boat tomorrow or the day after…

  9. ERIC says:

    RE: Looking outside won’t always tell you if you can work on your boat tomorrow or the day after…

    Neither will watching the weather forecast. Eat that Al Gore and fans! muhahahahaha!

  10. Elias says:

    Funny, I noticed this a few weeks ago as well. The temps were way off, and so were the sunny/rainy indicators.

    That’s when I noticed one comes from Yahoo! and the other form AccuWeather.

    That day in particular, AccuWeather was correct.

  11. AG Pennypacker says:

    Silly Doc, its because your iPhone is in the future 😉

  12. Paul says:

    Yeah, my iPhone weather ap is frequently off my other weather sources, weather it be the OSX widget (any of them) or the actual weather outside. In fact, I’m not sure when to trust the iPhone weather ap. It really needs some customization options, like a choice of WHO provides that data. Yesterday in Austin in was predicting a mild night and we had the worst, I mean the worst, storm ever. The whole house was rocking with thunder, lightning bolts nailing the neighborhood (and one house in particular, which is now gone), but the good old iPhone weather ap, said something like “chance of rain.” Of course, the iPhone weather ap, doesn’t even commit to such niceties like “chance” of rain or anything of any substance. Thank God for mobile Safari.

  13. VeeDub says:

    I find that my MacBooks weather is WAY wrong… sometimes I will check it and says basically very cold and rainy. I step outside and the sun is shinning and its 82. I just check the Weather Channel from now on.

  14. imajoebob says:

    Hell, this morning The Wether Channel told me it was 61 outside, while at the same time the local NBC-owned Weather Plus cable channel said it was 55. That’s a real PIMA because it’s right between shirtsleeves and a pullover. Freeze or sweat?

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