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365 pictures and not a girl in a one of ’em

Here’s an idea that sounds better on paper than on YouTube… First, buy a new iPhone. Next, use its camera to take a different picture of your ridiculously bad bed head each morning. Finally, string it all together in iMovie with an original blue’s riff, and viola! Instant classic!

Or not.

I caught a little flack when I posted my breath-taking iPhone video documenting the iPhone’s clock changing during Daylights Savings Time. While most people appreciated its genius, there were a few Luddites who actually had the audacity to claim I wasted not only my time, but that of everyone who watched it. Well, I’ll put that iPhone video up against this iPhone one any day.

First of all, mine was shorter, therefore wasting less of everyone’s time. Second, and more importantly, mine had a payoff at the end. If I may play arm-chair Ebert here for a moment, what this video needs is for our hero to appear in the last frame with a shaved head.

Or a hot chick.

A hot chick makes every video better, and a hot chick running her fingers through our hero’s bed head would have made the video have a happy ending. Every good underdog story ends with the hero getting the girl.

Of course, being the ladies man that I am, if I took a picture of my (unfortunately equally horrible) morning hair every morning for a year, you would see no fewer than 420 or so different women.

My last criticism is of course the most obvious – the iPhone is used solely as a gimmick here to get press attention. This video could have been done with any Nokia, Samsung, or LG phone, but of course the iPhone grabs the headlines, so that’s what was used.

Making (bad) History

Still, this video marks a milestone of sorts for the iPhone. As far as I know, it is the only “movie” to be filmed exclusively on the iPhone and which took a full year to make, so it is certainly a record setter in that regard. Of course, it is also the worst movie ever filmed on the iPhone, and while other iPhone movies may come in the future, I think this one may hold on to that distinction for some time.

6 Responses to “365 pictures and not a girl in a one of ’em”
  1. Matt says:

    It’s really stretching to make this Mac-related. People have been doing this for quite some time now.

  2. Dean says:

    It made me laugh. Can’t ask for more than that.

  3. Adam says:

    Pulease ! I lthought it was funny and cute. And I think his playing is good too.

  4. Hmmm… Maybe it’s because I just came off of seeing Batman, a film that was too long yet still held my attention. I thought the first 20-30 seconds of this were good, and then it went nowhere.

    Be honest, did you watch the whole thing?
    -The Doc

  5. Gussy says:

    Doc, what would Mrs Macenstein say about the other 419 or so women?

  6. Gussy,

    She’s cool with it. I happen to hire female bathroom attendants is all, and there is a high turnover rate, due to various hygiene problems I have.

    -The Doc

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