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Wow, Samsung has some pretty big balls

Hypothetical question for you… If you were going to make an iPhone clone, and you had gobs of money to hire ANY musical group in the world to appear in your commercial, would you think it would be a good idea to choose a group with the name of your main competitor in the title?

Well, Samsung apparently did for their new Instinct ad (below) featuring “The Apples in Stereo”‘s “Let’s Go!“.

However, before we judge Samsung too harshly, this could merely be a reaction to Apple’s Korean iPhone commercial featuring the popular Korean group “Samy and the Sungs“.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Cliff for the tip!

8 Responses to “Wow, Samsung has some pretty big balls”
  1. Joe says:

    yeah , and that phone sucks

  2. That is too weird. You can’t just make this stuff up.

  3. digiprod says:

    I played with this phone. It is a piece of junk. No clone of the iPhone, just a crappy little piece of plastic that vibrates when you touch it!

  4. tj Mac says:

    actually, Samsung is a Korean company- as my Korean wife would make explicitly clear. ^^ small correction- love the blog

  5. Thanks for the edit TJ. Deep down I think I knew that, but I totally spaced! 🙂
    -The Doc

  6. bud says:

    So, does the Instinct have Bluetooth Stereo at least?

  7. TimR says:

    Actually they just stole that from Amazon. When they started their MP3 store, their first free song was from “The Apples in Stereo.”

  8. Albert says:

    Seriously, why should apple fanboys cry when another cellphone maker makes a phone like the iPhone sans applications. If people aren’t married to this notion of the web browser and they don’t want AT&T is that some sort of crime?

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