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Tommy Smothers’ iPod charger invented

When Skynet becomes self-aware (at 2:01 am), odds are the robots will attempt to block out the sun so none of our solar-powered iPhone/iPod chargers will work, rendering us “tuneless”. However, one ingenious Swede has come up with the perfect foil for our soon-to-be robot overlords – may we present the iYo YOYO Induction Charger.

iYO YOYO from Peter Muungano on Vimeo.

That’s right. Thanks to inventor Peter Thuvander, now you can charge your iPod AND look stupid at the same time, saving you valuable “getting beat up” time. Actually, the iYo YOYO seems to be only in the conceptual stages, which we assume is why it looks like it might actually work. We have a feeling that in reality, anyone attempting to use a Yo-Yo to charge their iPod would die of multiple wedgie-based injuries before gaining a 25% charge.

[Via Engadget]

3 Responses to “Tommy Smothers’ iPod charger invented”
  1. LlamaFragments says:

    Hey! Using a Yo-yo doesn’t make you look too stupid if you know what you’re doing, and for a person like me who sleeps (lets the yoyo spin on the end of the string, like in the video) my yoyo while I’m just doing anything, this would actually be somewhat useful.

    He’ll probably need to get rid of the Apple logo on the side for copyright whatever stuff.

  2. Jonro says:

    a crank would be a lot more useful.

  3. LlamaFragments says:

    Yeah, but how fun is turning a crank relative to playing with a yoyo?

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