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Axiotron Modbook gets some product placement lovin’

Eagle-eyed faithful Macenstein reader Aaron noticed what appears to be the first example of Modbook product placement in Hollywood. A recent episode of Sci-Fi’s new show Sanctuary sported a scene where Henry shows Dr. Magnus one of those annoyingly over thought Hollywood computer-type OS’s that could never exist, and it appears to be running on a Axiotron Modbook.

Now, I realize not EVERY computer company has the budget to get their gear in Transformers 2, but seriously, Sanctuary? C’mon Axiotron! I’m pretty sure my kid’s YouTube channel gets more viewers.

[via Hijinks Inc]

3 Responses to “Axiotron Modbook gets some product placement lovin’”
  1. darrell says:

    “It’s a PC that is virtually without limits and within five years I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America.”

    – Bill Gates (2001) showing off prototypes of Tablet PCs.

    i think the modbook is a great little homebrew hack but i don’t think it, nor any tablet pc in will ever generate mainstream appeal. would be nice to tote around all day with though.

  2. Amanda K says:

    Oh man when i watched this i noticed the Maciness, i had no clue what it was though, i thought it was a macbook that they had modified, but no its a real thing. Crazy.
    The OS was pretty crazy though.

  3. shithead says:

    i own a modbook and i am posting this with it. if you had some talent you might find it is a very useful tool. oh wait, you are a tool.

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