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Disney World’s Nazi Secret Uncovered by WikiMe?

So, I was at Disney World last week, and it being one of the few times I have ever left my house, I figured it would be an ideal chance for me to test out the WikiMe iPhone app. WikiMe is designed to use your iPhone’s GPS to figure out where you are and then use Wikipedia matches to give you information about local points of interest. Well, I certainly found this result interesting…

Being an animation major at school, I had of course heard the rumors that Disney was a Nazi sympathizer in the 30’s and 40’s, although I was pretty sure those rumors have been proven false (there was also a separate Disney/Nazi rumor dealing with a mural at the Grand Floridian Resort). Still, I think it very odd that WikiMe came up with that listing (even giving me a distance which seemed to match Disney’s Swan and Dolphin resort) when the actual Wikipedia listing for “Swastika” does not have the word Disney or even Florida in it.

This is “X-Files” caliber stuff here, people…. or least National Treasure 3 caliber stuff… So, who’s going to be the first to take a pick axe to the Disney Swan and see if there’s any Nazi treasure inside?

2 Responses to “Disney World’s Nazi Secret Uncovered by WikiMe?”
  1. Rowlings says:

    I’ll do it. I live in the area. I’ll swing by on my way home from work. I could really use some Nazi treasure.

  2. Mario G says:

    Seriously thanks for this post, I haven’t laugh so much from a blog post in ages, u had me peeing on my pants on:

    “who’s going to be the first to take a pick axe to the Disney Swan …”

    good stuff..

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