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Repair site already offering to repair your 4G iPhone

While conventional wisdom tells us we’re still 5 months away from the next iPhone, that hasn’t stopped iPhone repair site Mission:Repair from announcing it is ready to fix your broken 4G iPhone.

iPhone 4G

“4G iPhone Repair and Upgrades! Are you looking for a 4G iPhone repair service? You’ve come to the right place. “

Apparently Mission:Repair is hoping there’re some early iPhone 4G beta testers out there with a case of the butter-fingers looking to get theirs repaired before the folks at Apple find out.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Matthew for the tip!

One Response to “Repair site already offering to repair your 4G iPhone”
  1. Derek says:

    Well I went to take a look at Mission Repair’s services and realized that they are not the best deal out there- I have an iPhone 3g and need the glass/digitizer repaired, but found it for like 20 bucks cheaper at a place called midwest iphone repair. So coming from a company who services a phone that doesn’t exist… I might try this place….

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