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Finally, an iPod accessory even Greenpeace can’t bash (too much)

Sure we all love the environment, but the iPod is just so cool… If only there were a way to listen to our iPods while killing the planet… more slowly… Faithful Macenstein reader meggert turned us on to Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker, the most “green” iPod speaker you can buy make yourself. This unique speaker relies on the well known fact that Apple’s customers almost always save the packaging their gadgets ship in (they are,... Read More

Unilever’s “shuffle pops” sighted

Gizmodo has managed to find pictures of the legendary “Brazilian iPod shuffle popsicle“, long thought to be extinct until Unilever’s Kibon ice cream brand found 10,000 of the skittish creatures in some god-forsaken jungle, and decided to give them away as a promotion. Apparently, Apple had a hand in helping to certify the “Shuffle pop”‘s packaging would keep the iPod safe in store freezer conditions. While the packaging is clever, it does... Read More

Review: Jensen’s Banshee JISS 330 and JISS 550 docking speakers for iPod

Banshee is about to release their JISS 330 and JISS 550 speakers for the iPod, and we managed to get a sneak peak. The JISS 550 and its little brother the JISS 330 look remarkably similar to Banshee’s 5.0 surround sound speakers we reviewed back in July of 2006. We’ve found the Banshee’s “unique” styling is either a big hit or a big miss with most people, but after having seen so many similar-looking iPod speakers, we still appreciate its futuristic,... Read More

Review: Logitech does the portable iPod speaker right with the Pure-Fi Anywhere

Logitech has finally come out with a portable speaker system we can all get behind with their Pure-Fi Anywhere Compact Speakers for iPod. Available in black or white, the Pure-Fi delivers exceptional sound given its size, and addresses pretty much all the complaints we’ve had with other portable speakers. Styling First off, the Pure-Fi looks great. The design is a somewhat revamped version of their mm50 iPod speakers, but they look much sleeker and feel a bit more solid.... Read More

Review: The HOODIE by Gracie’s Gear

Gracie’s Gear, makers of the infamously awesome Power Pouch Sports Bra (Macenstein rated 9.5 out of 10), have come out with a new piece of exercise apparel meant to make jogging with your iPod easier, their new HOODIE. Now that the weather’s getting colder (well, in the Northeast, at least) those of us who do our morning jogs are finding it a little too chilly to be running around in only a jogging bra. Already here in NJ, while it may still reach 75 or 80 during the... Read More

iPhone price drop and new iPods mean more Mac Chick prizes!

When we announced our Mac Chick Casting Call contest last month, we were very excited by the idea that Incipio was willing to put up an actual prize worth competing for, namely, a 4 GB iPhone (not that the honor of being a Mac chick of the Month is not reward enough!). However, thanks to last week’s iPhone price drops, newly announced iPods, and the discontinuation of said 4GB iPhone, we have been able to restructure our prize tier a bit, offering an even better selection! We... Read More


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