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New iPad case screams “beat me up”

We often hear reports of thugs stealing Apple gear, but USBfever is selling an iPad case so nerdy, I think regular law-abiding citizens may feel compelled to beat you up and take your iPad, just on principal. Behold the FOLIO URBAN Wide Case for iPad Well, if walking around typing with your iPad displayed like that doesn’t get you attacked, certainly wearing that shirt... Read More

Apple’s evil Game Center plan

When Apple first announced Game Center, my feelings ranged from indifferent to mildly supportive. The idea of having just ONE gaming account to manage vs the 3 or 4 major iOS social scoring systems seemed like a nice idea, although having already set up those 3 or 4 accounts, it never really bothered me. Still, being the good Apple soldier I hopped on the Game Center bandwagon,... Read More

Google TV remote redefines “Fugly”

For years I’ve been hearing how Sony is the closest thing to Apple that the “PC”-world has to offer in terms of a consumer electronics company which has a respect for beautiful, well thought-out hardware design. Well, I think it might be time to reopen the floor to voting after seeing this Google TV remote they came up with. Seriously, I think you would need THREE... Read More

Why you should never buy a Mac

Sometimes as long time Mac users we take for granted that most of us know to ALWAYS buy the base model Mac and do any and upgrades ourselves – In fact, if I could somehow have gotten  “NEVER buy RAM from Apple” to fit cleverly on a license plate I would have. But Apple has a lot of new customers these days who may not be so savvy or willing to crack open their boxes... Read More

Um… eeew…

I am of course referring to the dude with the red shirt in the background. How tacky! Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader John for the tip!  Read More

This doesn’t look desperate at all

So apparently with Windows Phone 7 finally achieving RTM status, Microsoft decided to hold a funeral for the iPhone today, since there’s obviously no possible way Apple’s device will be able to compete with Redmond’s latest attempt to remain relevant. Sounds hilarious, right? And then they went a ruined it all with a Thriller Dance. Yes, nothing says “We’re... Read More

Welcome to the App store, circa 1830

Seriously, WTF? Oh those Wacky Tribals! When will they learn? I actually feel a little conflicted as this guy’s obviously got some talent, although it remains to be seen if he can only draw offensive African caricatures or if he can attack other cultures as well.  Read More

Methinks Apple is a little TOO hip with the kids

There’s little doubt that Apple’s recent hardware updates are sure to be a hit with the kids, but I must say, I think they might have gone a little overboard in some of their new web copy… I don’t know, is it just me, or when a major corporation tries to act hip, it just comes off like Betty White telling someone to “take a chill pill”? Thanks... Read More

My wfe’s iPhone stolen: Anyone know how to have Find My iPhone “auto refresh” the location?

Well, this evening the Bride of Macenstein’s iPhone was stolen. While I was of course pissed, I was also thrilled at the prospect of using Find My iPhone to find the thing. We’re in a relatively wussy, crime free town, so I figured it would be kids who took her bag and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Long story short, we tracked the iPhone down to a restaurant,... Read More

RIM responds to Apple’s “But they’re doing it too!” campaign

RIM’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie issued an official response to Apple’s press conference yesterday. I won’t comment on it, for risk of further angering my fanboy readers, except to say, they’re completely right. “Apple’s attempt to draw RIM into Apple’s self-made debacle is unacceptable. Apple’s claims about RIM products appear... Read More


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