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Now THAT’S an Update! 10.5.2 released – 341 MB!

After weeks of “It’s coming any day now” speculation, Apple has decided today’s the day, and released Leopard 10.5.2. The 341 MB monster addresses everything known to man, and yes, our “Stack List View” was included. Like every update Apple issues, The Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update is recommended for all users. Click (more) to read everything that’s changed. Read More  Read More

After using the iPhone, I can tell you there will be no touchscreen iPod

After having now experienced the iPhone for a couple days, I feel I can now safely predict that we will never see the mythical “touchscreen, widescreen, Wi-Fi iPod.” Feel free to quote me. Back when Apple first announced the iPhone, I thought it was a very cool piece of gadgetry, and I knew I would one day buy it. However, what I really wanted was the widescreen, touch-sensitive Wi-Fi-enabled video iPod that all the rumor sites had been predicting (apparently based... Read More

From the “We told you so” files: Universal security bugs discovered in Safari 3 beta

Posted by Dr. Macenstein When we first posted our conspiratorial thoughts on Apple’s motives for releasing the Safari 3 beta, our readers were extremely vocal. While many agreed with our theory that Apple was hoping the larger Windows hacker population would help find bugs and security holes in the Safari browser before the iPhone makes its debut next week, there were just as many who called us idiots. As faithful Macenstein reader Chris put it: “The holes that security... Read More


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