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Spying on the Tokyo Apple Store via iChat

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/apple/Spying_on_the_Tokyo_Apple_Store_via_iChat; Faithful Macenstein reader Aaron Cabral writes: As a super Mac geek I have the AIM of like 30 Apple Stores, and when the people in Apple Stores log on I always chat with them – sometimes even video – and I have actually helped answer people’s questions. I have a recorded video chat with the Tokyo store. Enjoy! I found the video to be pretty interesting. First, it was cool to see... Read More

Rumor: New Apple Instant messaging app “Conversation”? [UPDATED]

Here’s a baffling quote from Jim Cramer, from TheStreet.com and Mad Money fame: “Cramer also said that a new Mac product, Conversation, will bring Apple to the forefront of instant messaging. He said the product will be similar to the iPod in its impact. “The analysts don’t see it because the analysts don’t use it,” he said. “I think this is a gigantic product.” Hmm… How would he know about it? Why would he be allowed to talk... Read More

So, why is there no “Invisible” in the iChat Menu Bar?

Truly one of life’s great thrills is going online in iChat with your status set to “invisible“. It’s pretty much the closest you can get to joining the CIA without actually getting off the couch and enlisting. But as much as I love the ability to spy on my iChat friends without them knowing I am online, one thing thing that puts an extra dagger in my Cloak and Dagger web surfing is that for some reason “Invisible” is not an option from the iChat... Read More


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