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Why I don’t recommend putting your headphones in the dryer

Well, I wish I could blame this on the Bride of Macenstein for not going through my pants pockets carefully enough before doing the wash, but hey, she’s nice enough to wash my pants in the first place, so I’ll cut her some slack. Oddly enough, the iPhone’s headset seems to work fine despite going through a full wash cycle and an hour-long “Permanent Press” drying. Even the inline remote seems to work fine. The cord itself is now a bit crinkley... Read More

Why won’t celebrities buy a F*$%ing case for their MacBooks?

digg_url = '; OK. This is now getting ridiculous. Why can’t celebrities take proper care of their MacBooks? First Jennifer Aniston, then Heather Graham. OK, they’re just girls, what do they know? (just kidding, ladies!) But now here we have George Clooney and Jude Law both dangerously flailing their Macs around as if they were Michael Jackson with a baby. I mean, what if it should... Read More

Damn you, port forwarding!

Anyone out there a wiz with port forwarding that would have a clue as to how to guide me through setting up Roxio’s Streamer? I am using Verizon FiOS and their Actiontec router. Not they they can trouble shoot every router, but Roxio’s joke of a Streamer help section lists only this support page as far as I can tell I have opened Port 10080, but get a Safari error page when attempting to access my stream. Thanks... Read More

Apple choosing iTunes Movie Rentals over its Professional customers

Is QuickTime 7.4 the worst QuickTime update Apple has ever released? That’s a tough question. It certainly has produced the most problems for me personally. I have mentioned before that I am an Adobe After Effects user. It’s how I feed my family, and pay for my house. Having a working copy of After Effects is a close third behind food and water on my short list of things I need to survive. Unfortunately for me, and many other professional users, Apple’s newly... Read More


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