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Yeah Hugh, THAT’S why she’s cute

Fresh on the heels of Hugh Hefner‘s tweet that Playboy would be coming to the iPad uncensored (which now appears to just be a web app), comes this tweet about his fiance, Crystal. While I obviously find nothing hotter than Mac Chicks, I can think of at least three other reasons why Crystal is cute. See if you can spot them.  Read More

iPhone vs Sex: One Brave iPhone Addict Speaks Out

Photos by Joe Scarnici From the MacRumors Forums comes a tale so unsettling, so pathetic, and so (unfortunately) relate-able, that we felt we needed to pass it along. In response to the discussion thread “iPhone addiction”, forum member evilgreg shared this story of how he has become so iPhone addicted he literally pulled out mid-coitus to answer a We Rule push notification. Needless to say, his girlfriend was less than flattered. I can answer yes to all, ESPECIALLY... Read More

Write a caption, win a prize

Think you’re funny enough to be the next Margaret Cho? Well, now’s your chance to prove it to the world. Write your best caption for the above photo of Tenealle Farragher from Jordan Matter‘s amazing Dancers Among Us series of photos. If we think it’s the most clever, we’ll send you a Sunrise iPhone 4 case from Maclove! (Check out the full selection of cases from Maclove here). BTW, Check out that kid and his dad in the back left. Awesome. The... Read More

NSFW: Well, that’s ONE way to get around Apple’s “No Boob Jiggling” policy

Apple may have put the kibosh on Boob Jiggling apps for its iOS devices, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that jiggling boobs cannot be stopped, and if they want to be on the iPhone, they’ll find a way. Case in point, the following image, showing how one clever individual was able to use Apple’s own software against them to bring those bouncing bosoms to the iOS. WARNING: Unless you work in the coolest place in the world, odds are this... Read More

John Mayer lost his iPhone – Every hot chick in California freaking out

Notorious poon hound Musician John Mayer, who once blogged: “I look forward to hours of Fruit Ninja while enjoying a stable romantic relationship sometime within the lifespan of the iPhone 4. Don’t snicker. Just wish me the best.” has apparently lost the aforementioned iPhone 4. Having recently lost an iPhone myself (well, the Bride of Macenstein‘s iPhone) I can certainly feel John’s pain… however… John’s loss will likely prove to... Read More

I think I want to marry Chad

As we all know, a good man is hard to find – lord knows I haven’t found one yet. And while I may be happily married to the Bride of Macenstein, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ditch her in a second if I found a man like Chad, who, as you’ll see below, not only made a laboriously well-thought out marriage proposal video to his girlfriend Vy, but also might (almost) have as many apps on his iPhone as me. Is it just me or does it seem like it would be a little... Read More

God, I want to F that Kindle

OK, so the iPad is a nerd who sunbathes while fully clothed and the Kindle has boobs. Fine. But that chick is pretty much the only thing sexy about the Kindle, and to point out that you only paid $139 – or roughly one quarter the price of an iPad – would be more impressive if it did one quarter of what the iPad does. But given the Kindle is a 1-trick pony whose main advantage appears to be easier reading while outdoors (which would only account for 5% of the reading I do... Read More

Methinks Apple is a little TOO hip with the kids

There’s little doubt that Apple’s recent hardware updates are sure to be a hit with the kids, but I must say, I think they might have gone a little overboard in some of their new web copy… I don’t know, is it just me, or when a major corporation tries to act hip, it just comes off like Betty White telling someone to “take a chill pill”? Thanks to (what I can only hope will be) faithful Macenstein reader Sofia Fontes for pointing this out.  Read More

A new take on the Konami code

Above: I’m not how you “level up”, but she sure seems happy. Yet another odd app approval choice in Apple’s totally arbitrary “war on porn” to protect our children, although I must say, I am almost tempted to get this one based solely on the “reset” procedure (below). Kind of makes up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A look a bit lame. – ? Lift her Skirt Up ? with your own finger and find Property of her underwear –... Read More

On line at the Sydney iPad Sleepout

Faithful Macenstein reader Jeremy Moses sent us this very cool mini documentary he and his friends at Variety Garage made giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of the iPad launch at Sydney’s Flagship Apple Store. (Well, really it appears to be a documentary of one very cute line waiter named “Jade” who for the record has an open invitation to be our Mac Chick of the Month), but it’s still very interesting to see what goes on during one of these overnight... Read More


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