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Sony’s Crackle comes to the iPhone/iPad with less crappy content than you’d think

I loves me my Slingbox, I loves me my Netflix, and I kinda like the ESPN Watch app, but that doesn’t mean there’s not any room left in my heart for one more streaming video app, especially one that streams the fantastic Married with Children episode “Rock and Roll Girl” featuring a super slutty “Kelly” (above) that a young Dr. Macenstein would often think of on those long, cold, lonely nights. So go out and download SONY’s free Crackle... Read More

Finally! A reason to buy the iPad 2!

So, apparently if you shine a light on the white iPad 2’s bezel in a dark room it causes it to glow with a “Tron-like” effect. I assume Apple’s desire to add this “feature” is what has been holding up the white iPhone production. Thanks to faithful Macensein reader Frank for the link!  Read More

Review: PhoneSuit’s 8200mAh Primo Power Core

As any true iPhone power-user knows (a “power-user” being defined as any iPhone user who owns both Angry Birds and Tiny Wings), having an extra battery’s worth of juice these days is a must. And where having ONE extra battery’s worth of juice is good, as you can imagine, having FIVE battery charges is just awesome. Enter the 8200mAh Primo Power Core from PhoneSuit. The PowerSuit is an external power supply along the lines of the Zagg Sparq, in that it... Read More

Samsung’s copy machine is a little heavy with the toner

I’m currently testing out a PhoneSuit battery charger which can, among other things, not only charge iOS devices, but pretty much anything WITH a battery. So this was my first exposure to the Samsung Galaxy Tab charging tip. Given that I had never seen one, I spent a couple seconds mistakenly thinking they included an extra Apple tip and trying to force it into my iPad before seeing the REAL Apple tip, but I would defy you to pick the two out of a line up, (Aside from one... Read More

15% off MacBook decals thanks to my awesomeness

If you saw my post yesterday about my Justice League MacBook Decal , odds are you practically tripped over yourself rushing to buy one for your own Mac. Well, on the odd chance you were temporarily knocked unconscious, and did NOT get to place your order, the fine folks at StuckOff have decided to give our faithful readers a 15% discount off ANY order over $10 (which is juts about all of them). Just use the coupon code macenstein on check out. If DC comics aren’t your... Read More

Enter to WIN: A set of Audioengine A2 speakers!

Thank you, we have a winner. This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Jason! Just the speakers. 2008 iMac not included. Who like’s winning $200 speakers? Anyone? No? OK, I guess I’ll just have to keep these sweet Audioengine A2’s. It’s a shame, really, because I already have a pair, and they rock. Perhaps you remember my awesome YouTube video (below) of how their deceivingly powerful bass could blow down TWO of the Three Little (Canadian)... Read More

Something tells me this kind of stuff happens to her all the time

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Gary for the link!  Read More

Show me another company who can operate this way

After months of speculation in the press, Apple unveiled the iPad 2 on March 2, 2011, and began selling it online and in retail stores on March 11. It has been sold out at most retail stores since 3 hours after its launch, online orders had wait times of up to 3 to 4 weeks. Lines two blocks long have still been forming at some of Apple’s larger stores on dates scheduled to get new shipments of the device. It is now 23 days later, and Apple has finally decided to actually... Read More

Games That Don’t Suck: Great Little War Game (Who knew war could be so adorable?)

GAMES THAT DON’T SUCK is a feature dedicated to games that I think are well worth your hard earned money, but not worth me sitting down and spending 3 hours crafting an in-depth review (these things are usually 99ยข after all). However, you can rest assured that any game bearing Macenstein’s GTDS rating is worth buying, sight unseen, based solely on my expert opinion. And out of all the games that haven’t sucked thus far, Great Little War Game REALLY doesn’t... Read More

Not that I’m encouraging this… but

Faithful Macenstein reader @blakejoblin sent us this picture of a little mod he did to an Apple Store iPad 2. Looking good, says I. And yes, if you happen to “come across” any Macs or iOS devices displaying our website in an Apple Store (wink, wink), we’d love to hear about it.  Read More


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