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Angry Birds, domino style

When it comes the the YouTube Domino video world, Flippycat is a legend (yes, there IS a YouTube Domino world). In fact, his amazing clips inspired my son to make his own awesome domino videos when he was 3 (and by awesome, I mean adorably horrible), and I invite you to check them out here and here). But I’m not here simply to bore you with home movies, rather, to point out Flippycat’s awesomeness. Check out his clever domino homage to Angry Birds below.  Read More

Review: Otterbox iPhone 4 Reflex Case

Ahhh iPhone Cases – the $40 accessory you never factor into the cost of owning an iPhone. Love ’em or hate ’em, the fact is you need ’em, so you might as well get a good one. Otterbox has a well deserved reputation for providing best-in-class (somewhat bulky) protection against falls and spills, and their Reflex case for the iPhone 4 is another nice addition to their lineup. While some of the colorful, slim cases offer protection from scratches on the rear... Read More

WearaBraille virtual wireless Braille keyboard demoed with an iPhone and VoiceOver

As a sighted person, I find it truly inspiring when I see a blind person get through their day, seemingly easier than I do. For me, the thought of taking the bus into the city with perfect eyesight is hard enough to comprehend, let alone without the use of my eyes. Truly, the human brain has shown an amazing capacity to adapt, as well as to innovate. Case in point, the WearaBraille keyboard, shown below, created by Dr. Joshua Miele. Even after watching this video, I’m not... Read More

Scared of Cell Phone cancer? Get an iPhone

Sound logic that using an iPhone is less likely to give you cancer than traditional cell phones. iPhone No Cancer Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More

Droid mascot gets his own iOS game – has a girlfriend?

You know, if there’s one thing I’m jealous of in the Android world it’s their super cute robot mascot. As successful as Apple has been by keeping all their advertising locked in a bland, white world for the last 20 years, their commercials are just not fun to watch. They lack personality. But that little green robot… he practically OOZES charisma, as do most robots, quite frankly. Well, luckily, iOS developer Toc has decided to bring Android’s little... Read More

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (May 2011): Veronica Ricci

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Veronica Ricci, a Penthouse Pet and budding cook! Look carefully and see if you can spot the Macs in these pictures. – Name: Veronica Ricci Click to download.  Read More

Who wants to play a little “Friday Lock Screen trivia? – Win an iTunes gift card

OK WE HAVE WINNER! Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Zach! (How did everyone get this one so fast? Google Goggles or something?) OK, first one who can correctly tell me The name of the show AND EPISODE TITLE these two chubby kids are from… Wins a $10 iTunes gift card. Remember, you need to answer BOTH parts of the question in order to win. I’m not sure how sending iTunes gift cards via e-mail work internationally, but if it works internationally, then I guess... Read More

Games that don’t suck: Army of Darkness Defense

GAMES THAT DON’T SUCK is a feature dedicated to games that I think are well worth your hard earned money, but not worth me sitting down and spending 3 hours crafting an in-depth review (these things are usually 99¢ after all). However, you can rest assured that any game bearing Macenstein’s GTDS rating is worth buying, sight unseen, based solely on my expert opinion. Army of Darkness Defense (iPhone 99¢, iPad $2.99) is one of those rare Games that doesn’t... Read More

Netflix app gets subtitles

Some movies are better read than heard (or perhaps skipped altogether, as is the case with 1995’s Batman Forever). Well, luckily now you have the option to mute that horrible audio and read along, imagining better acting, as Netflix has just added support for Subtitles to its iOS apps. Just hit that little balloon and you won't have to hear Tommy Lee Jones say this line. Aside from avoiding horribly spoken dialogue, closed captions are actually a pretty sweet thing... Read More

White iPhone plus sweaty palms =

New White iPhone 4 Commercial – watch more funny videos via Funny or Die  Read More


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